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Meet the latest UK agency to strengthen the Shopware ecosystem

Meet the latest UK agency to strengthen the Shopware ecosystem

We recently reported a 500% growth rate in the UK and Irish market in 2017; an astonishing number that is influenced by new partnerships with leading technology providers and relationships with experienced agencies for the implementation of exciting customer projects.

Today we’re getting to know one of our latest certified partners from the UK, C3 Media.

Hi, I’m Tim Willis and I run an agency called C3 Media. We’re based in Bristol and Chester, so that’s the South West and North West of the UK, allowing us to cover the whole UK market. We’ve been in business for nearly a decade and I run C3 together with my business partner Jamie Saunders.

Do you focus on B2B or B2C?

We deliver multichannel solutions to B2B and B2C customers, so we’re comfortable working with both solutions. We’ve gained a lot of experience with B2B and B2C projects over the years. I think in terms of Shopware we’re quite excited about their Accelerator B2B Suite, which offers a range of functionality that other platforms at the moment don’t provide to our clients, so that’s going to be a valuable tool for us to pitch to our B2B customers.

What’s important to look out for in an eCommerce platform?

The CMS area of an eCommerce platform is crucial. Shopware has a feature called Shopping Worlds, so this will allow our clients to create highly flexible content-driven pages using a drag & drop feature. They can drag & drop various elements into different pages – category pages, product pages – and this is a feature that we think our clients are going to love, and it’s certainly not something that is readily available in other platforms at the moment.

The level of support behind the eCommerce platform. Shopware offers a monthly support package, this is a little bit different to other eCommerce platforms that we’ve worked with. We find their level of support to be very proactive. It gives our customers peace of mind that they know they can contact Shopware and get an immediate response depending on what package they choose. Also as an agency, we don’t need to necessarily get involved in the day-to-day operation of their stores. If they have an issue creating a promotion, they can come to Shopware or they can look at the Shopware Wiki and get advice. It’s nice that that kind of support from Shopware is there.

Why is Shopware relevant for the UK market?

We feel Shopware offers more functionality out of the box compared to other platforms. It obviously has a big established presence in Germany, going for over 17 years. And not every UK retailer necessary understands that. You’re fairly new to the UK market, so that’s going to be a good selling point to get across to those clients. In terms of the functionality, it’s incredibly feature rich. From our experience to date it’s been a joy to work with and we feel there’s a lot of growth in the product too.

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