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Mobile-First Index – why Shopware customers have nothing to fear


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Mobile optimisation is in many ways one of the most important success factors in eCommerce. In some sectors, well over 50% of online purchases are now made via smartphone and tablet. According to Google, the bounce rate of shoppers who have to wait too long to load a page is significant: a waiting period of anywhere between 1-3 seconds increases the likelihood of a visitor abandoning the website by 32%, and a load time of up to five seconds increases it by 90%.

Next to the “hard facts”, Google’s new mobile-first index is yet another reason why retailers should be focusing on optimising for mobile. Since the end of 2017, the leading search engine has placed increasingly more weight on the mobile version of a website, and only then takes into account whether there is a desktop version. The mobile index and mobile SEO are thus massively upgraded, and have a direct influence on the crawling of the desktop version, which impacts the desktop rankings. By 2016, Google had already announced that it would adjust the algorithm with regard to indexes for evaluating mobile criteria.

Shopware shops continue to rank highly after the Google update

Understandably, with Google's announcement, many shop owners wondered whether their shop would continue to rank highly with the update. A good mobile performance essentially depends on powerful interaction between the software and host. 

On the software side, retailers who use Shopware 5 are well prepared for the announced changes – in line with the Shopware motto "Emotional Shopping on any Device". Shopware 5 already includes a responsive template as standard, which perfectly adapts content for various mobile devices. Depending on the device size, Shopware also supplies appropriate, individually prepared content and extra media that are better suited for a smartphone or tablet. Every step that Shopware takes to further develop its system focuses on the "mobile first" concept.

Shopware 5.3 improves performance

In Shopware, responsive theme pages for search engines are completely optimised on-page. General improvements were made with the release of Shopware 5.3, such as asynchronous loading of JavaScript and significant improvements to the performance of Shopping Worlds were carried out. On the server side, PHP 7 or higher should be used alongside compression methods (i.e. gzip) to increase performance.

Useful resources

If you want to know how well your shop performs in general, you can refer to Google Pagespeed as a resource. Tips on using PageSpeed can be found in the Shopware documentation and in the SEO Guide. Further information regarding Shopware performance can also be found in the documentation for developers and administrators.

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