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New & improved workflow for leaving plugin reviews in the Community Store

New & improved workflow for leaving plugin reviews in the Community Store

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Following requests from the community, we went back to the drawing board and improved the process for publishing reviews in the Shopware Community Store.

New plugin reviews are published immediately

Under the previous plugin review workflow, it could take up to four days for a review to be published in the store, since the plugin manufacturer was given the opportunity to reject or respond to an evaluation. Now, when you review a plugin, the plugin manufacturer receives an automatic notification and your rating is immediately published and made visible to the community.

At this point, the plugin manufacturer has the opportunity to react to the review, either with a public response or by sending you a personal message.

Edit your review at any time

Should the plugin manufacturer proactively respond to your review or the performance of the plugin change, you can update your review to offer even more visibility for other interested customers.

How to leave a plugin review

Your review is not only an important indicator for other shop owners, but also the most direct way for the plugin manufacturer to get your honest feedback and make any adjustments to improve the quality of their work. Therefore, it is particularly helpful when you rate the plugins you are using in your shop. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the “Licenses” section in your Shopware account
  • Click “Rate now" on the plugin you wish to review
  • Read and agree to the guidelines below the comment box
  • Evaluate the functionality, usability, documentation and support
  • Add a more detailed assessment using the comment box

Reviewing plugins in the Shopware Community Store

Reviews that violate the guidelines will be rejected by Shopware 

Following the guidelines, we ask that if you wish to criticise a plugin, you do so constructively. If a plugin review violates any of the points listed in the guidelines, Shopware reserves the right to reject the rating. Should this be the case, you will receive further information about why your review was rejected so that you can make adjustments so that it falls in line with the guildelines. This process was designed to promote more respectful communication in the Community Store.

We hope you enjoy browsing the Community Store and look forward to your feedback.


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