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New rating rules in Community Store


Other people’s opinion is an important influential factor in the decision-making process, which is also proved by several studies, such as a study by BIG SOCIAL MEDIA GmbH that assumes that 72% of consumers trust an online community’s ratings.

Our aim is to achieve an even higher level of quality for both ratings and the extensions themselves with our new rating rules for extensions in Community Store .

Submitting a rating through your account

The most important thing first of all: from now on you can rate extensions tested or bought by you directly in your account in the “Licences” section.  

In this rating summary you will first of all find a new guideline that shows you what you need to pay attention to when writing ratings. Once you’ve read these and agreed to the rules you can write your rating.

More information for more quality

Added to this, from now on you can find a breakdown according to the categories “Function”, “Operation/Usability”, “Documentation” and “Support”, where you can give your entered rating up to ten stars. A total rating is then calculated based on your information.

Naturally you still have the option of substantiating your opinion in a comment box. You should also use this box to substantiate any negative criticism so that it is possible for the manufacturer to respond to your comments and optimise the extension in question. 

Submit a rating now

Have you tested or bought an extension from our store and not submitted a rating yet? Then log into your account now – the new rating rules apply with immediate effect!

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