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New Shopware HQ: the greater the vision, the greater the building

New Shopware HQ: the greater the vision, the greater the building

The time has come – we need more space. In response to our growth in the recent years, we decided to treat ourselves with a brand new, top-of-the-line Shopware headquarters. Located on a prime patch of real estate in Schöppingen, the new 2,000 sq. m office will house 120 employees, with the option of easily expanding in the future. On this page you can read more about this monumental step in Shopware's history, which is slated for completion in the fall of 2015.

Impression of the new building

The new, bright and modern facility will be the first thing you see when approaching Schöppingen by way of Münster. As an architectural statement of both Shopware and our relationship with the community, we wanted the building to catch the eye as welcoming symbol to all who pass through.

In order to reflect our company philosophy, we decided to pursue a modern, open office concept. The industrial character will look clean and natural, emphasized by a wooden façade with large, glass windows. The building will also host a view to our garden and beach, which will be accessible year-round and feature a beautiful cactus farm (because every software company deserves a cactus farm).

Ease of expansion

The Shopware family is quickly growing. For this reason, we designed a building that can be easily renovated and expanded to make space for up to 250 employees. If you see yourself becoming a part of the world's most marvelous software family, here you can check out the current positions Shopware is looking to fill.  

Modern architecture

Creative minds thrive in creative environments. A crucial piece of Shopware involves the individual input from our employees, therefore we highlight transparency and the flow of new ideas with our open floor plan. There will be a broad, central traffic zone which opens up to high ceilings supported by steel beams and state-of-the-art wooden acoustic paneling. The concrete central passages open to carpeted workstations for cozier work spaces.

The lounge area will be the ultimate chill zone for all visitors and staff. Significantly larger than that of the current building, the lounge offers even more options for quiet zones, meeting points, or snack breaks in order to create an even more diverse work environment.

Our well known training center, the Shopware Academy, will also be revamped to host even more space for our Academy participants and guests at special lectures. The ultra-modern concept encourages effective learning in a comfortable atmosphere, therefore leaving guests even more satisfied with their visit to the Academy. 

As one of the forerunning drivers of innovation in eCommerce, it’s only natural that a significant portion of our new building be dedicated to research and development. There is also an area on the second floor reserved for our Open Device Lab, where we support the development of new concepts for the future of eCommerce.

In our new Open Device Lab, you can find everything from iPhones and iPads to an Oculus Rift 3D headset, all of which are freely accessible for developers to use test their latest projects. This was created in order to support those who wish to develop apps for several devices, but haven't the resources to do it alone. 

Don’t miss a beat

You can be always live from the construction site! We installed a webcam so that you can always be a part of the action. Updated every 30 seconds, this webcam will be running day-in, day-out until the doors are finally opened. 


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