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October was a spectacular month for Shopware's project on Crowdin


Shopware’s project on Crowdin is progressing full steam ahead. For those unaware, Crowdin is a localization and translation platform that anyone is free to join. If you haven’t already, we recommend you head over to Shopware’s project, sign up for free and flex your translations muscles.

To keep you all up to speed, we will be publishing a regular report regarding this progress. This report is a reflection of what happened in October alone.

In the Shopware project, 32,759 words make up 8,777 individual strings. As Shopware continues to add new features, these figures are likely to change. Take for instance, the recent release of Shopware 5.1 – we added new features such as Product Streams and developed valuable plugins like Digital Publishing. Without a doubt, the snippets included in these new Shopware-exclusive features would also be of use to international audiences.

Last month, we welcomed 52% more active translators and saw a 404% translation increase. This can be traced back to our unstoppable community, who knocked out a total of 20,350 translations – that’s the length of a novel for a young adult.

The most commotion took place in the Italian translation. At the end of September, the Italian translation was at 20%. At the time of this reporting, the translation has reached nearly 70%. Our top translators, thesplitter and Frank Raffeiner (oneandseven), proved that consistency is key, having translated between 90 – 300 strings per day throughout the month of October. As the translation approaches near completion - actually, the frontend is 100% translated - we expect to release an Italian plugin in only a few weeks. 

The pace of the Italian translation is in complete contrast to the Bulgarian translation, which was nearly completed in only 5 days in September. This goes to show Crowdin is a flexible platform, allowing you to work at your own comfortable stride.

We absolutely cannot overlook the progress in the Czech translation, to which we thank Adéla Veselá from the Czech Republic. We had the honor of working with this spirited young lady for 6 weeks, during which time she so diligently translated over 6,500 strings and 22,000 words. Thanks to Adéla’s contribution, Shopware is 65% translated into Czech.

Last but absolutely not least, we have a very important message for our new Russian, Turkish and Finnish contributors (respectively):

Добро пожаловать - Hoş geldiniz - Tervetuloa

Thank you once again to our contributors - we look forward to seeing what the coming month will bring! If you would like to join Shopware’s ongoing project on Crowdin, simply head over to our project, select your target languages and get started right away.

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