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Per popular request - new Backend Orders extension

Per popular request - new Backend Orders extension

We build Shopware together with our users. So to directly hear about their needs, we work with an open Issue Tracker, where anyone is free to submit suggestions for improvement. Users are also allowed to vote for features. For us, this means the fog clears and we can perfectly see in which direction we should be heading.

So when the public said, “Listen up, Shopware, we want the possibility to place orders through the backend,” we responded with a completely awesome plugin called Backend Orders, which is also completely free.

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If a portion of your sales come through telephone, fax or catalog orders, you can now manually place these orders through one module in your Shopware backend. This plugin comes packed with functionality – check out some of the features below:

Create guest accounts

To expedite order placement and keep customers happy, you can create a guest account for each order. This means the customer is not required to provide an email address or sign up for an account, which reduces any barriers for making a purchase.

Alternatively, you can assign an order to an existing customer’s account. This keeps their order history neatly in one place – plus if you use a rewards system like Bonus Points, the purchase can be applied to their account.

Statistics feature

Depending on your business, there might be several ways a customer can place an order (telephone, fax, through a catalog). When you can select the method of order placement, a statistic function collects all of the data and provides a useful summary. If needed, you can add new methods of ordering (i.e. carrier pigeon).

This could be especially valuable when you want to evaluate and refine your marketing efforts, as you have a clear indication of where the majority of your offline orders are coming from.

Flexible order placement

Should your shop support multiple languages and currencies, the module allows you to select the language/currency appropriate for the order, which will also be reflected in the customer’s invoice. Furthermore, you can define if the shipping address differs from the billing address.

When it comes to financial matters, the module supports the payment methods available in your shop. With orders placed manually, you can also adjust the shipping cost and shipping method. Additionally, by means of free text fields, you can even provide an order discount or surcharge.

Simple order placement

You can quickly enter an order by searching for the product number or name – Product variants are also supported. As you add products to the orders, the module automatically recalculates the shopping cart. Furthermore, all of this takes place in one, convenient window.

The entire plugin operates extremely fast, making it possible for you to place a number of orders in seconds’ time. Take advantage of this popular new backend feature, and download it today for free!

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