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Propose your own ideas for new extensions in the Store


The Community Store already includes more than 2,000 various extensions. Nevertheless, there are certainly occasional feature requests when a solution cannot be found in the Store.

Starting now, you have the ability to create feature requests using the Shopware Issue Tracker. The Shopware Issue Tracker is a platform used for directly informing us of bugs or suggestions for improvement.

Here is how it works

Just click “Create new ticket” and select the type “New idea” – after this point you can describe your feature request in detail. The ticket is then added to the general overview.

Other Community members can vote for your idea or leave a comment. In addition, we, and our many technology partners that develop plugins, receive direct input and suggestions.

Track your ideas

To remain informed on the most current status of your idea, such as “Open” or “In Progress”, simply select the option “Show only my tickets” in the window.

To the Issue Tracker