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Recap: International Partner Meet & Greet

Recap: International Partner Meet & Greet

Last Thursday, the Shopware team shipped off to London for the first international partner meet & greet. Located at the Hoxton Hotel in London Shoreditch, the event brought a number of agencies from the UK and Netherlands under one roof for a full day of networking and sharing expertise and insight.

As openness is one of our strongest company values, not only were the partners taken into the Shopware roadmap, including a preview of what they can expect from both our partnership and the software in the future, but they also got an exclusive look into the latest developments to emerge from Shopware Enterprise. The event also served as an opportunity to get direct feedback from our partners, who are often times even closer to the needs of our customers.  

Experiences exchanged

One particular presentation on the docket included that from Thomas Hesseling, CEO of ShopWorks, who shared his experience with Shopware and gave an in-depth look into how he advises his customers on choosing the right eCommerce platform for their project.



Country-focused orientation

eCommerce software is not a one-size-fits all product. There are some extreme differences in how one country approaches a problem to how its handled in the next. That’s why we organised country-breakout sessions, where our partners had the chance to discuss specific issues and developments within the country they operate.




Next Event: Shopware London Meetup

Be a part of the conversation and join us for our next event in London, which is being held together with GPMD. Through close exchange, we want to show you what Shopware can do for you as a developer, retailer or as an agency and share how the system can help grow your business. This event is also about hearing your feedback so that we can work together to continue to improve eCommerce in the United Kingdom.


Suppliers, partners and rivals, we want to speak in a spirit of collaboration to benefit all.

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Impressions from the event:










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