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Recap InternetRetailing Expo – The full story

Recap InternetRetailing Expo – The full story

Last week, the Shopware team attended InternetRetailing Expo in Birmingham for the third consecutive year. The IRX is the perfect venue for visitors to connect with technologies that will support their business goals. So it was a given Shopware would be attending to spread awareness and share why it became the leading eCommerce solution in Germany.

Feedback suggested that among the 300+ exhibitors, the Shopware stand stood out among the rest. As commented by Shopware partner Charlie McBroom from Fitted Commerce, “Shopware had one of the centrepiece displays at the expo and this was only to match the quality of their platform.” Inspired by the company motto, “Open, authentic and visionary”, the stand concept was completely open from all four sides and had a welcoming, natural atmosphere.

Anchored by five partners – CB Squared, One Creations, Pickware, Retail Reply and CoreFinity –the stand represented the vast ecosystem of solutions connected to Shopware.


Platform disruption

Another highlight included a 30-minute panel discussion with Deepak Anand, Shopware's General Manager UK, on eCommerce platform disruption; a topic Deepak considers currently one of the most important for modern retailers: “The ongoing pace of changing consumer behaviour and technological disruption pose both a threat and opportunity for retailers. Love it, or hate it, disruption is close on the horizon of today’s business landscape and has the potential to both help and harm.”

Working in close collaboration with InternetRetailing, Shopware had the opportunity to publish a cobranded “Spotlight Interview” with Deepak Anand. If you couldn’t make it to the event, simply follow the download link for a free copy of the interview, which provides a look into Shopware’s mission of becoming Europe’s leading eCommerce solution.

Interview with Deepak Anand

Getting and staying connected

Without a doubt, the most exciting take-away from the expo was the opportunity to connect with so many potential new customers and partners. Commenting on the many exciting conversations, Deepak Anand said: “Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who visited our stand, we are confident our growth in the UK will resemble that in Germany. In the next few years we are certain to be the leading provider of eCommerce solutions in the UK market, as we in the German.”

Whether looking for a solution that meets the challenges of modern eCommerce or a more reliable platform, visitors at the Shopware booth were eager to chat about an important topic in the digital landscape: platform migration. If you’re a retailer looking to take your business to the next level with a sustainable solution, you can start now by downloading our free migration whitepaper:

To the migration whitepaper

Now back in Germany, the Shopware team looks forward to building upon the many promising conversations that were started at the event. If you are interested in hearing more about how Shopware can serve your online business, please do not hesitate to call us (M-F, 8am – 4pm GMT) using +44 (0) 203 095 2445 or email contact@shopware.com.

Request a personal demo

Shopware 5 brochure

Impressions from the InternetRetailing Expo:






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