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SCD 2020 recap: Fabian Blechschmidt

SCD 2020 recap: Fabian Blechschmidt

Co-founder of MageOne, and Co-owner and developer at winkelwagen.de,

SCD Speaker "Shopware for Magento developers" 

Twitter: @fabian_ikono


Our Interview with SCD speaker Fabian Blechschmidt

How did you get started with Shopware in the first place?

"We had the big pleasure of having Shopware as a sponsor at the Web Engineering conference in Mallorca for the last few years, and the people from Shopware are always great fun to talk to and to hear from them what is currently going on in Shopware, and with the software."


After deciding not to go into Magento 2 as a developer, the question was, what then? 

Since I already knew Shopware as a company, the German community is pretty well established, and the software works well for the German market it seemed the right fit. Especially since most of my clients operate in Germany."


What moved you to talk about "Shopware for Magento developers"?

"Now that Shopware is going international and the software fits well for my particular clients, and for me, I realized it might be a good fit for more Magento developers. Or more broadly, the Magento Community, including Project Managers, designers, store owners, and so on. I especially wanted to make it easier for them to get into Shopware 6.

I have no clue if Shopware fixes all my problems, and if I complain, whether they will react to that or not, but it feels like Shopware is a company that listens to me, and tries to help me solve the challenges I face.

In the Magento community, we wouldn't even consider a problem being addressed by Magento. I really need to get used to that, to not do unnecessary work because Shopware is already taking care of something. I'm really looking forward to that."


What were the best resources for you, when you started to learn about Shopware 6?

"It was definitely the documentation being done properly, which was totally unexpected for me. Unfortunately, I haven’t found much other information online so far. Most discussions seem to happen on Slack (formerly Gitter). That' s something I hope we can change!

When I started programming in Shopware 6 I mainly looked at code, instead of writing code. I was fortunate enough to join a Shopware workshop for frontend designers. It was very interesting and a cool dive into the template and theming concepts. But in the end, I'm a backend developer, so I started looking at developing plugins."


What makes Shopware 6 interesting for developers?

"Shopware seems to be good at choosing their technologies. There is soo much cool technology such as VueJS, Composer… And they're running on Symfony.

I think it's super helpful to build the platform on well-known technologies. So everything I learn is not only useful for this one system, but for others as well. And of course, the buzzwords like PWA, headless and whatever help to sell it.

If I could name one-two thing that could be improved, it would be to get rid of the mixed formats. You have some XML, JSON configuration, YAML configuration… and it feels like all of the translations are scattered throughout the platform. Some in code, some in configuration, and some in the database."


What is the best way to get involved in the Shopware community?

"That's a great question and to be honest, I'm not sure. My recommendation would be to join the Slack community and go to Shopware conferences. Although we don’t have enough of those, we will change that!

You can also frequent Stackoverflow and get involved there."


Did you enjoy the Shopware Community Day outside of your talk?

"There were quite a few nice talks. I really enjoyed the keynote by Stefan Hamann. I like the way he speaks about Shopware.

And I really enjoyed the talk by Ramona about testing on day 2. She is so full of knowledge. I really enjoy listening to her. And I am lucky enough to see her more or less every year at the Web Engineering unconference.

I had fun on the Shopware Community slack channel as well. I was sorry not to meet people in real life of course, and have a face to face talk. That's the way it is currently, next year I will definitely be there in person!" 


Watch the talk of Fabian Blechschmidt


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