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Sell in every corner of the world with Shopware

Sell in every corner of the world with Shopware

It’s no secret: we want Shopware shops to be as successful as digitally possible. That’s why Shopware customers can start with the free, open source version and grow to the enterprise edition using the same software basis. This means our customers can confidently start anywhere, knowing Shopware can grow with them in any direction.

For many business models, one important crux of growth is internationalization. We want every online shop to have the option of expanding internationally in order to successfully reach new audiences. So what stands between an online shop and these new, blossoming markets?

Well, namely: language

In working with Crowdin, we are able to offer our online shops high-quality translations of Shopware’s front and backend. Crowdin isn’t a translation or agency; on the contrary, it’s a platform of interested volunteers. Its strength comes from a community of native speakers who are invested in the common goal of making a product better for everyone to use (sounds a bit like open source, doesn’t it?).

The beautiful clincher: for a shop to work internationally, only the frontend has to be translated. To this end, we separated our snippets – meaning, every little word in our software – between the frontend, backend and our 12 Premium Plugins. For example, when the Russian frontend translation is complete, any online shop will be able to download the Russian plugin for free, then *viola*, they are ready to meet the language needs of their Russian customers.

Crowdin is also an important tool for localization. Keeping with the Russian example, if you’re a Russian merchant, this platform makes it possible to sell in your own country. Again, if it's not already supported by Shopware, only the frontend has to be translated in order to reach customers in your native language. The backend can then be translated so that administrators can easily manage shop data using Shopware in their native tongue. 

Two heads are better than one

Community involvement comes with many added benefits. With projects like Crowdin, you have the power of mass intelligence and innumerable eyes looking at the projects, making improvements and strengthening the backbone. For this reason, even our German and English translations have improved as a result of Crowdin.

On one hand, smaller projects have the freedom of expanding their business without having to invest a significant chunk of their budget on translations; on the other, much larger projects can count on the fact that they are working with the highest quality translation available, since it’s an ongoing, organic collaboration between numerous native speakers.

So to make this successful as possible, we’re calling upon you and your unique language skills! Do you speak ру́сский, Türkçe, slovenský, polski, português, svenskar, dansk or any other language? Then join the international movement and get started on Crowdin!

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