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Series 6 Early Access: The Perfect Shopping Experience Everywhere

Series 6 Early Access: The Perfect Shopping Experience Everywhere

With Shopware 6 we want to make ecommerce happen where our customers are – regardless of the place, time and device. In addition to the new core and all the technical possibilities that open up for shop owners and developers with the new Shopware version, Shopware 6 has also been revised in terms of user-friendliness for online shoppers. Shopware 6 offers buyers a sophisticated user experience and a perfect customer journey. In the third and last part of the Shopware 6 series, we are addressing the issues of storefront, sales channels and content commerce.

Shopware Storefront 

Shopware 6 has been developed to be used for various sales channels and frontends. Still, we want to make sure that all retailers can get a simple and uncomplicated start with Shopware 6 by providing our own storefront.


Similar to the administration, the provided storefront is a replaceable component. This way, Shopware can be used as an online shop out of the box – both the administration by the shop owner and the use by the end customer through an appealing theme are available by default. Architecturally speaking, the storefront is a classic PHP application with HTML rendering, JavaScript extensions and SASS styling, built on the Bootstrap framework and Twig template engine.

The advantages of the Shopware 6 storefront at a glance:

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Optimised for all end devices
  • Standard technologies for easy customisation
  • Flexible basis for your own themes

Sales Channels

The sales channels feature in Shopware 6 allows you to use completely different sales channels with a single Shopware environment. Sales channels can include the classic desktop shop or a marketplace connection, an app or blog integration other third-party systems such as Facebook and Instagram. Individual sales channels can have different authorisations and different product ranges, languages, currencies, etc. 


But even with many different sales channels, Shopware will always remain the leading system. It serves as a central base where product data, orders, media data and other content are managed and output in the various defined channels. The goal is to make the customer experience, the brand and the product available in the different sales channels and for different customer groups, creating the perfect sales experience everywhere. Whether you use social media channels, retail outlets, Amazon or Instagram, you can connect all relevant channels through the Shopware 6 administration.

Sales Channel API

In addition to the already integrated sales channels, the sales channel API allows you to connect your own sales channels. This can be, for example, custom shop frontends or other third-party connections such as marketplaces or social media platforms. This API also enables you to easily implement completely new sales concepts with Shopware. From mobile apps and voice or car commerce to augmented reality applications – creativity has no limits here. The sales channel API can be used to access all sales operations, e.g., creating, activating and deactivating customers, various shopping cart transactions and much more. This creates the optimal technical conditions for using any possible commerce application and forming a solid basis for processing payments and transactions. 

Shopping experiences: combining content and commerce

With Shopware 6, we are providing the perfect foundation for successful content commerce. Experience worlds represent the further development of the shopping worlds from Shopware 5, ensuring that even shop operators with less technical expertise can create one-of-a-kind brand experiences and emotional storytelling without having to make cumbersome adjustments to the template.  add_cms_v3

  • Getting started is easy thanks to the intuitive user interface
  • Designing shop pages made simple: landing pages, category pages, product detail pages, listings
  • Content can be managed and output for various sales channels

Shopping experiences can be created even more easily by using drag & drop, ensuring unique customer experiences without limits in terms of the design and presentation on virtually all Shopware content pages. For example, the new experience worlds can be used to design customised product pages. The new feature is intuitive, and numerous standard templates and content blocks for products, videos, social media feeds or text blocks make it easy for any retailer to get started quickly. 


Shopware is the most future-proof ecommerce solution not only from a technical point of view. The new Shopware version also allows shop owners to make ecommerce take place across devices and channels, creating a perfect customer journey for their customers. 


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