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Shopware 5 series: Digital Publishing


Digital Publishing is a new feature that you can look forward to with our latest version, Shopware 5.1. Digital Publishing is an intuitive tool that lets you design and create dynamic banners, directly from your Shopware backend. This feature brings several advantages. First, it saves valuable resources when it comes to creating new graphics for your store. It also supports seamless shopping experiences, as your banners are automatically responsive and can be used in existing shopping worlds and storytelling environments.

You have a number of various tools to help you quickly create banners, such as images, background and buttons, and can easily test how the banner appears in different sizes and formats thanks to a live preview. This new advanced feature also allows for easy placement of text over a graphic background. Particularly noteworthy, this feature leads to higher SEO performance, through the HTML output of content. The text you place in the banners can be easily translated, either on your own or by using on of the incorporated translation tools.


Overview of advantages of Digital Publishing:

Design layers
Place text and buttons on separate layers, similar to Photoshop. Integrate call-to-action buttons in your shopping worlds and create a fully responsive banner.

Live preview
Preview your banner in an interactive, live preview. Test how the banner will appear on different viewport sizes and formats in order to perfect its responsive behavior.

SEO text
The text in your banners is output at HTML text, which means relevance for search machines, thus delivering the optimal SEO performance.

Various building blocks
When creating your banners, you can choose from a number of different elements. Work with a range of options for images, backgrounds, text and buttons in order to create your perfect banner.

Compatible with Shopping Worlds
Of course, the banners you create using Digital Publishing can be incorporated into your existing Shopping Worlds or Storytelling environments.

Translate text directly
Digital Publishing actively supports you in your internationalization. All text in your banners can be manually translated, or translated using one of the incorporated tools.

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