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Shopware 5 series: SEO part 1


One long, white rectangle. Who could have imagined this would be one of the most influential aspects of modern online retail? Yet here we all stand, before the power of the almighty search bar; the gatekeeper to our success or demise in the online world.

Fortunately it’s not as scary as it seems when you have the right tools on your side. Here at Shopware, we are determined to providing you with the most modern and pertinent tools for mastering the art of SEO. One of the most impactful ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is through well prepared and executed SEO.

Preparation for successful search engine ranking is hands down, one of the most important aspects of your shop – favorable placement in search results can bring an astonishing number of visitors to your shop. In this episode of the “Shopware 5 series”, we cover the most important SEO requirements and how Shopware 5 can be of your service. Considering there's quite a deal to report concerning SEO, this topic will be broken into two separate articles. 

Positive rating for mobile optimization

Let’s jump into one of the more well-known ranking factors for Google’s latest update to their search algorithm: Mobilegeddon. In response to changes in user behavior in recent years, the search engine now honors mobile-friendly websites with a positive rating. This trending behavior – that mobile shopping is on the rise – was not only reflected in numerous studies, but reinforced by Google. In fact, this year Google announced that it processed more search requests via mobile websites than desktop. Want to check out if you're mobile-friendly? Ask Google themselves with their Mobile-Friendly Test

With Shopware 5, we created a shop software that already comes with a fully responsive frontend. This means your shop already meets the criteria for Google’s update, which has a direct and positive impact on your conversion rate. Shopware 5 enables seamless shopping experiences, regardless of the device being used. We have also perfected the frontend for mobile devices, up to every detail. Your customers will enjoy the intuitive handling your shop, such as finger-friendly buttons, galleries with pinch to zoom and sliders with momentum scrolling.

Analysis from Shopware 5’s responsive theme have been overwhelmingly positive. This image was taken from the Google Webmasters Account and depicts the number of errors Google found concerning mobile usability, before and after the release of Shopware 5. Notice Google no longer has any errors to report in the Shopware 5 responsive template.


Strong content is more important than ever

Content marketing is a term you cannot avoid in the eCommerce scene. Nearly every eCommerce expert agrees that content marketing is a crucial success factor. Google also rewards online shops that provide their users with unique, relevant content with higher rankings.

But what is content marketing? In summary, it is the creation of information, resources, and entertainment that is valuable to the user – content that helps them learn, that is shareable or entertains them in some fashion. At the same time, there is another important aspect: you are attracting new audiences that not only connect with your products, but also develop a relationship with your company.

Shopware 5 is the ideal canvas for integrating quality content into your online shop. Looking into our demo shop, you’ll see we added valuable information that compliments the products we are framing. This includes video, banners (i.e. recipes) and more. Here we have taken our skiing products and framed them within the context of Sölden – a popular ski resort in the Alps – and added a video plus the perfect equipment for an inspired adventure on the slopes. We've also highlighted culinary flair with recipes and video to detail the flexibility of content in an online shop. 


You have a number of Shopware-exclusive features at your disposal. Storytelling, Shopping Worlds and an integrated blog undeniably add value to your content marketing power. You can also use our tool Digital Publishing in order to easily create banners – plus, the content is readable by search engines, and therefore completely SEO friendly.

High usability for emotional shopping

Another important factor in SEO is high usability. Only shops who focus on the customer and high usability will survive in the long run.

Shopware 5 is characterized by its sleek, simple design and allows your customers to quickly become orientated in your online shop. Aside from the mobile-forward approach, you have a number of design tools in order to perfect your online shop so that your customers are considered first.

Looking specifically into Shopping Worlds, this feature makes it possible to easily customize your online shop for different devices. Shopping Worlds now supports landing pages that take up the entire width of the browser, thus offering more inspired shopping experiences. Adjusting your Shopping Worlds is incredibly simple thanks to the module’s drag & drop editor in the backend.


Short loading times for higher ranking

When differentiating your mobile and desktop designs, you should also consider loading times. An important factor to consider is the amount of data. For the desktop version, it makes more sense to use larger file sizes than the mobile version. Fast loading times not only positively affect your search engine ranking, but also provide your customers with a more enjoyable shopping experience. This greatly reduces your bounce rate and keeps your customers happy.

You can even score solid SEO points when uploading images. Rename your image files according to the particular item or category, or use one or two search terms in the image file. Important: assign a unique name to the image, as this makes the items all the easier to find in Google Images.


Want to check out some of these SEO tools for yourself? Just head over to our Shopware 5 public demo, where you can play around with our Shopware-exclusive features in the front and backend. You can always get in touch with a Shopware team member for additional information, including a live demonstration, consulting or general questions.

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