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Shopware 5 series: the new Theme Manager


Out of the box, Shopware 5 offers a modern, fully responsive theme, which was designed using the so-called “Mobile First” approach as a basis. The standard version of Shopware was built to be approachable and customizable, while offering the maximum range of functionality. The new Theme Manager of Shopware 5 allows you to easily perfect the responsive appearance of your shop. With just a few mouse clicks, you can adjust the corporate design of each shop, plus much more.

Neatly displayed; easily accessible – everything you need at a glace

In the overview of the new Theme Manager, you have the most important information about the appearance of your store in one window. Every available theme, from every shop, is displayed to make for easy handling. You also have a preview and additional theme-specific information about the author, license and file path. Within this window, you can easily assign specific themes to various shops. It is even possible to create new themes using either the default Responsive Theme or Bare Theme as a basis.

Configure your themes like a pro 

Without any programming knowledge, this module lets you configure the existing Responsive Theme to meet your exact wishes, by simply using the theme configurator alone. Within one window, different logos can be assigned to specific viewports; all without touching a single line of code. This means the logo is always perfectly displayed in the shop frontend, regardless of the respective device size being used for viewing. Additionally, here you can also define the icon that later appears as a favicon in the tab of a browser.


In the realm of colour configuration, we go one step further. Here you can individually format the complete appearance of shops, including colours, fonts and font sizes, without having any knowledge in web design. Assign specific colours to specific roles and purposes, such as buttons, forms and tables. All settings can be adjusted manually or selected from one of nine predefined configuration templates. An overview of each option in the colour configuration can be found in our style cheat sheet.


 You can experience this time-saving feature on your own, simply by requesting your own personal demo of Shopware 5. If you would like, when requesting a demo you may also ask for a live presentation of this feature. 

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