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Shopware 5 series: the powerful & flexible filter function


As the proverb says, “Seek and ye shall find” – unfortunately, the reality in the digital world is often different. With Shopware 5, we wanted to honour this basic principle, so we completely improved the ability to filter – and find – products in an online shop. Man and machine join forces!

Even more automated filters

Since the beginning of Shopware’s history, it has been possible to filter products by properties such as price or manufacturer. Now that our mothers can program the same functionality, we really had to *UP* the functionalilty. So with our latest software version, Shopware 5, we’ve added even more boombastic, automatic filter properties. Now customers can search for products with more specific criteria. Really specific. Personally specific. "Are you stalking me?" specific.

One step further, this feature offers compatibility with our Premium Plugins, which means customers can search for subscriptions or products that apply to their rewards points – even products that are currently offered for live shopping. Behind the scenes, this fully automatic filter checks the information contained in your product detail pages, then dynamically displays the results to your customers. Voilà! Filter magic. Well, filter magic that is a core functionality and available for free, for the entire world to use...


Even more individual filters

In respect to diversity, Shopware 5 allows you to represent filters options in more innovative ways. Swatches of colour or images can now be used as filter icons; no programming knowledge is required. These thumbnails are displayed inside the filter panel and provide the customer with a particularly clear and convenient way of searching for products. This is especially useful in the fashion or furniture industry, where different materials and patterns play a crucial role (again, just a suggestion - we are open source so enjoy the creative rein). For even more flexibility, “traditional” filter options, such as gender, can be represented with small icons or images.


New design and handling

The most obvious changes to the filter options in Shopware 5 do not relate to functionality, but rather the handling and design of the filter window itself; the filter access point for your customers. Back in the day, the filter appeared buried in a column. Boring. Inefficient. We scraped that idea for a more obvious placement, directly above the product listing, where it can be collapsed to a modest size and expanded when needed. We call that user-friendly online shopping. For mobile devices, the filter is swapped to an off-canvas menu. The industry calls that "mobile usability", "responsive optimisation", "mobile navigation". We still call that user-friendly online shopping. 

What's that? You're worried about responsive optimisation, usability, presentation and 1,000 other responsive-oriented concerns? Shopware 5 settles for nothing less than completely responsive, out-of-the-box. We have you covered. Anyway...

The presentation of the filter itself has also been substantially improved. In Shopware 5, you can use more than just thumbnails to represent filter options. For instance, an interactive slider can be used to represent a desired price range. Please keep in mind that these are just recommendations - again, as an open source platform, you can truly let your filter-imagination run free.

When, at last, one of the filters is selected, the number of available results is displayed dynamically. This means your customers can apply their filter criteria by clicking a “Show x products” button, which recalculates depending on the products that match the entered criteria. Filter options can be deactivated with one click – naturally, the filter will recalculate based on the new criteria. This isn't advanced calclus - just intuitive usability. Shopware 5 also offers the ability to select multiple attributes per filter, even across multiple filter groups. "Seek and ye shall find"!

Would you like to experience this fantastic feature for yourself? Easy: head over to our live demo. Simply expand the filter area of any category page and experience the dynamic range of the new Shopware 5 filter function. Or simply download Shopware 5 now and get started with your own online shop!**

Demo the filter function now

Download the Shopware 5 functional overview


** Please note: we enjoy nothing more than blabbing about our software. All you have to do is get in contact with us - we'll start a personal conversation and get you started with the perfect Shopware version that meets your project requirements. You are just one click away from starting a conversation.

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