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Shopware Boost Day #02 - The recap

The second Shopware Boost Day took place on September 17th, 2020. And it was awesome. To be more specific, the community was awesome - as always. Although there were issues with the ticket grooming during our preparation, you managed to create a total of 44 pull requests!

The Boost Day is about making Shopware 6 a better product, getting to know each other, and having a joyful experience while coding together. During this second Boost Day, we achieved all of that, and we want to say thank you to all who participated.

Since you can't really recap the experience factor, let's see some statistics:

  • 117 Participants (25% new ones)
  • 44 Pull requests
  • 25 tickets merged

## What happened during the day?

The day started off with a kickoff meeting, informing everyone how things are done, where to find help and how to communicate. After that, the real work started and everyone was working together on tickets they choose for themselves or preferably as a team. As the day ended we did a little recap to round everything off and interviewed two participants about their experience.

These issues will be part of the next release:

Apart from the feeling of working together with you, the high number of new participants made us happy. Getting people involved with Shopware and share our excitement for the software and the ideas behind it was a major factor in the creation of this event. Also helping you work on issues that may not be important in the big picture, but an urgent task for you worked beautifully. Overall, we're happy how everything worked out and the next Boost Day will be even better, thank's for your feedback!

Again, thank you all for your work and dedication. You rock!


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