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Shopware Boost Day Recap #3

Shopware Boost Day Recap #3

The third Boost Day took place on January, 14th 2021, and this time it was all about you, our community! Under the guiding topic "Boost your Knowledge", we offered two little training-sessions for those who are just starting with Shopware 6. Together with Dockware, we got Shopware 6 up and running on your device, and our colleague Michael Telgmann gave you all the information you need to make your first contribution to Shopware. The sessions were FREE and full of information. 

Didn’t join us? Here’s what you missed!


How was the day structured?

At the beginning of the day, we had a warm welcome from our developer evangelist Niklas. Right after that, the different workshops started. Participants could decide whether they wanted to join the installation workshop or the Shopware Basics workshop. The basic workshop has been held twice this day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. So everyone could join the installation workshop in the morning and the Shopware 6 basic workshop in the afternoon. 

For those who already had a running Shopware 6 instance and were ready to start coding, we had already selected and labeled tickets so that they could dive right into it. 


What went well?

Overall, the training sessions were well accepted by you, and the sessions' participation also confirms this. In total, over 80 people attended the sessions.

The new label "good first issue", which is intended to help Shopware beginners, in particular, to get started with their first PR, was also liked a lot.

What we want to improve for the next Boost Day

Content of the training sessions

For the upcoming Boost Day on 11.03.2021, we will revise the training-sessions content and differentiate thematically to avoid duplications. 

Ticket and the team finding

To improve the ticket-finding and get-together with other community participants, we would also like to provide more support here on the next Boost Day. 

Of course, the Boost Day should be dedicated to Shopware newcomers as well as our existing community. We will pay attention to the ticket selection and the "good first issues" to offer exciting tickets for our experts and those on their way there.

Interactivity and fun

We want you to have fun on the day, exchange ideas, and make new contacts. Therefore, we are currently working on ideas on how we can provide further support. 


Thank you for your participation and feedback

We are thrilled that, again, so many lovely people participated in this Boost Day. A big thank you, of course, for your honest feedback. Your feedback is vital for us to continually improve this format and to create something great together. If you didn’t have time to send your feedback yet, please do so [here].

We are looking forward to having you again at the next Boost Day. Stay tuned!



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