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Shopware Cloud – Interview with the founder of traumwäsche

Shopware Cloud – Interview with the founder of traumwäsche

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The first steps into ecommerce are a major challenge for many companies – at least that’s how it seems at first glance. Yet traumwäsche, a German company which has opted for Shopware Cloud, proves the opposite. In this interview, find out why Shopware Cloud was the right decision for Jutta, the founder of traumwäsche, and what her customers have to say about the move.

“It’s time for something new” – Founder Jutta on her first online store with Shopware Cloud

Cosy atmosphere in the heart of the historic town centre

traumwäsche – that almost sounds like a promise. Tell us a little bit about yourself: What, and most importantly, who is behind that name?

Small boutiques with a special product range, often run by the owners themselves, make every city centre attractive. Right in the historic centre of the baroque town Ettenheim, we dared to take the step into retail business with our specialised store for lingerie, corsetry and swimwear. "traumwäsche" made our DREAMS come true on a retail space of 60 m².

First-class and personal customer service has top priority for us, in addition to a modern and thoughtfully selected range. Furthermore, we have created an extraordinary cosy atmosphere which ensures a relaxed and unhindered shopping experience.

It’s time for something new – it’s time for an online shop

You opened your retail store "traumwäsche" in March 2017 (happy 4th anniversary! ) What motivated you to set up an online shop in addition?

Complementing our retail store with an online shop has always been part of our business plan. Then 2020 came along, and we were following with great interest and curiosity how a small virus could cause major disruptions in all of our lives, and ultimately determine our daily routines. We’re forced to create distance between ourselves and our fellow human beings, friends and closest family members. Incredibly challenging times. And it is exactly in times like these that moving forward is the only way to go. All the more reason to say: It's time for something new!

Remote online shopping is here to stay

Last year was and still is a very difficult time for any high street retailer. In what way has the online store helped you during the corona pandemic?

Our online store has been running very "quietly" on the internet for a few days now. However, in June this will change big time! Is the shop too late? No, not at all. Quite the opposite — it comes at exactly the right time. Remote online shopping will remain a well-loved habit even after the pandemic. With traumwaesche.shop we’re making our ordering and delivery service more professional, as well as complementing our boutique in Ettenheim with an online store.

Free Shopware knowledge database and resources for assistance

You run a Shopware Cloud shop. Why did you decide to go with this solution? Did you already have experience in ecommerce with other systems?

Shopware Cloud opened up a fast and cost-effective entry into ecommerce for us. You don’t need significant investments or previous technical knowledge. And a supporting agency isn’t necessarily required for the design. Right at the start, we chose a theme from TC-Innovations in the Shopware Store. With the included training packages and Shopware's comprehensive knowledge database, we were able to learn quickly and in a very profound way.

An additional partner for a complex interface project

Are you having, or have you had, any support in the creation and maintenance of the online store?

Lockdowns, Click & Meet and Click & Collect — the pandemic has granted us plenty of "free time" since November last year. Valuable time that we invested in planning, designing and the implementation of our new shop.

Very quickly though, we realised we needed a technical solution for the transmission of data, as well as for the updates of product data and images. In the fashion industry, the number of variations can easily go off the roof. Colour and size can turn 500 basic items into 15,000 different variants! We found an experienced partner in Barth Medienhaus GmbH in Ettenheim, who implemented the complex interface project for us — on time and within budget.

Quick & easy help - Shopware’s service team is always here when you need it

What is your experience with the daily use of Shopware?

The backend is very clearly structured and offers quick access to all functions. The handling and set-up are made easier for us by setting German as a default language. The many explanatory videos are also helpful, in addition to the extensive documentation database in both German and English. But in particularly "rough and stormy weather" you are not left alone. Shopware’s service team is always on hand thanks to the help and chat functions.

We can also offer customisable products thanks to the "Custom Products" feature. We’re already in the game with our personalised vouchers and gift packaging. But more personalised items are already in the pipeline and will set us apart from other fashion brands, especially during peak seasons like Christmas. We were pleasantly surprised at how effortlessly the installation and configuration of this module turned out to be.

With just a few clicks to the payment and logistics provider

Which functions in Shopware do you consider particularly good or useful?

Processes such as payment functions and logistics are absolutely necessary and must always work 100%. Implementation is usually very time-consuming and a lot can go wrong in the process. But thanks to the cooperation between Shopware and the payment service provider mollie, as well as the shipping tool sendcloud, we were able to remove a lot of work and effort for minor tasks. In fact, with just a few clicks, all common payment providers and logistic companies could be connected to the traumwaesche.shop.

More than just customer loyalty on social media channels

You’ve also been very active on Instagram since last year. How does this affect your business?

Online shops, experience worlds and storytelling need interaction with the (unfortunately) constantly growing number of social media channels. At the moment, it doesn't make much sense for us to cover all channels. While we’ve had good experience with Facebook for a long time in order to get and stay in contact with our (potential) customers, Instagram is relatively new territory for us. But here, it also shows that customer loyalty can be built through good, and in some cases, personal content. Even today, orders through window shopping or reservations for appointments are increasingly being made via Instagram and Facebook.

Showing what you have to offer - online and offline

Speaking of marketing, what measures are you planning or are already implementing?

We’re currently setting up a Google Ads campaign, including Google Shopping. We want to be visible from June onwards. In addition, we’ll be drawing attention to ourselves via Instagram and Facebook. Furthermore, the opening of the online shop will also be communicated in the print media of our home region in South Baden.

#GoodToKnow: In your Shopware system, you have the option of using the Google Shopping integration to connect your store with Google in order to save time and effort. If you want to learn more about this topic, please click here.

Creating a loyal connection with customers through news

You’ve also integrated a blog with news regarding your business into your online store. Do you want to expand this area even further?

Yes, absolutely. This area will be "a lot of work" in the future, but from our point of view it is one of the most important elements for our online shop.

As a specialised store for lingerie and corsetry, first-class and personal customer service has absolute priority and we live it each and every day. But as an online retailer, we’ll also do everything we can to gain and retain the trust of our customers. Providing news in the blog section is a great opportunity to build a meaningful connection to our customers.

Regular customers for sustainable growth

What are your plans for the future, for the online shop and the company in general?

Happy customers are the backbone of economic growth and ultimately ensure business success.

Since opening our retail store, our ambitious and most important goal has always been to win new customers and turn them into regular customers. Therefore, we focus our strategy entirely on the customer. With honest and competent advice, discretion, high-quality products and a cosy atmosphere, we fulfill (even unspoken) customer needs. We’re convinced that sustainable growth is only possible with regular customers. It is therefore worthwhile to focus on the consumers and to understand them as much as possible.

With our online store, we’d like to win new customers day by day and turn them into regular customers. To achieve this, we’re transferring our successful offline concept to our online presence. This is new territory for us. We’ll try out many things and possibly even experience one or two setbacks, as can be expected.

But we are confident. Shopware Cloud is already providing us with many tools. We’re also relying on Shopware’s constant innovations and enhancements that help us maintain relationships and build real customer loyalty.

Project planning for a transparent outlook

Your advice to those who are currently exploring the idea of opening an online shop as well?

As is often the case, start with a business plan. If this gives the go-ahead, you should definitely draft a general project plan. It’s important to determine for each sub-project: Who will do it? How much time will be needed? When is the completion date? With this first project plan, you will get a very good idea of what to expect. 

Shopware Cloud is constantly growing

Would you recommend Shopware ecommerce solutions to others? If so, why?

Yes, absolutely. Shopware Cloud offers a quick and relatively inexpensive access to your own online shop. Scaling upwards is easy.

Thank you very much for your openness as well as your exciting insights into the business and behind the scenes. We wish you a "dream" start in ecommerce and are looking forward to accompanying you on your way.

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