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Shopware Community Spotlight #03


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Community Spotlight #03

1. Recent blogposts

Extending Shopware 6 & Magento 2 functionalities differences by Piotr Kozioł, Developer at Strix

7 remarkable Shopware facts by Hipex (Dutch article)

Making your own product photos with the smartphone for webshops by Webversiert (German article)

Shopware 6 – Using Vue.js in the Storefront – A technical guide by Oliver Riske (German article)

Shopware 6 - Intelligent filter and search plugin by Oliver Riske (German article)

Installation and configuration of Shopware 6 by Shyim

How to migrate to Shopware 6 from other platforms by Bartosz Picho, Divante

2. Recent plugins

Simple product compare for Shopware 6 by Thuong Le

Preview theme for Shopware 6 by Hung Mac

Sw6 Theme Config Generator by Draykee 

Shopware cms helper by Kevin Dohlen

3. Recent videos

Shopware for Magento developers by Fabian Blechschmidt

Using Vue.js with Shopware, Frontend made simple – even for backend devs by Pierre Joye

Don't fear the docker by Christian Dangl

PWA 101 - What you need to know about Shopware PWA by Sander Mangel

Shopware 5 Tutorial by Smarty Modifier (German video)

Shopware 5: Plugin license expired. What next? By Marcel Krippendorf (German video)

Shopware Tutorial – How do I install Shopware? | Shopware 5 for beginners by eBakery (German video)

Shopware Tutorial 2020 – How do I create a Shopware language shop? | Shopware for beginners by eBakery (German video)

Create Shopware 6 layout by GoodDay

Shopware 6 Plugin - Layout bubbles for Shopping Experiences by codegiganten GmbH

Install Shopware 6 locally (Windows 10) by great2gether (German video)

Shopware 5 or 6 – which version is best for Sage 100? by intellicon GmbH (German video)


4. Recent podcasts

Shopware unplugged #005 – An Interview with Stefan Hamann, CEO Shopware, about the future of Shopware by Borys Skraba and Tomas Hesseling

Shopware unplugged #006 – Shopware PWA, an interview with Patrick Friday, CEO of Vue Storefront by Borys Skraba and Tomas Hesseling

[011] What is an API? by shopcast.fm (German post)

[012] Brave New API World by shopcast.fm (German post)

[013] Success in the Shopware Store by shopcast.fm (German post)

[014] Shopware Community Day by shopcast.fm (German post)


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