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Shopware in the cloud - The new app system

Shopware in the cloud - The new app system

With the new Shopware SaaS product, we are making our way into the cloud and reaching completely new customer segments with the Starter and Professional Edition as a Software-as-a-Service product. This way we not only offer every customer the opportunity to start and grow their business perfectly with the right Shopware product but also create a new additional path for your development - the app system. The new app system offers you an additional sales channel for your Shopware extensions and lets us write the next major step in Shopware’s history together. 

The app system was developed especially for use in the Shopware Cloud. With the SaaS product, the customer can quickly and easily get started, activate new extensions for their online shop, and easily take care of the success of their business. 

Following this new way of development, new challenges, opportunities, and customer potential will come your way. Unlike plugins that are installed in Shopware, apps are activated and run outside of Shopware on your own server. This means that you need your own web server for your app development. We are already planning a cooperation with platform.sh to provide you with templates that will make the hosting of apps as easy as possible for you. Of course, you can already start developing apps with your own server. 

Additionally, apps only address certain events, webhooks, and the REST API for interaction with Shopware and cannot access the entire Shopware source code like the plugins. Apps are designed to extend and modify Shopware without changing the actual functionality of Shopware.   

The great thing about app development is that they can be used in both worlds. So, you can offer your app for the self-hosted and cloud version of Shopware and generate a wide reach with one solution.  

In our whitepaper, you can learn more about what apps are capable of, how you can publish them, and dive into the differences between plugins and themes.

To the whitepaper


Also, be sure to check out our developer documentation in our brand new App system Guide for your app development. 

We look forward to working with you on your journey into the cloud, building the ecosystem, and seeing Shopware grow with you!

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