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Shopware makes major international strides on Crowdin


As many of you are aware, Shopware fully supports the principle behind open source – in particular, the advantages of public involvement in order to strengthen our platform. For this reason, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are now a public project on a platform called Crowdin, where anyone is able to contribute to the translation of our software.

This is an invaluable tool concerning the international expansion of the company. Anyone is free to create an account and translate Shopware, therefore opening the doors for countless individuals to use our software in their mother language.

Since we are adamantly pursuing the potential offered by this project, we will be updating you on a monthly basis regarding the progress.

The current project concerns the translation of:

* Shopware 5: frontend and backend
* new features of Shopware 5.1 (i.e. Product Streams)
* Plugins developed by Shopware (Premium Plugins & Advanced Features)

The “strings” in this project refer to the snippets in everything that we focus on developing from our headquarters in Schöppingen. As a Crowdin translator, you will be notified directly of any new snippets we create due to adding new features or plugins.

What do we do with the translations?

You probably want to know how your translations will be implemented. To answer, let’s look into the case of our Bulgarian translation.

After going live as an open project, our Bulgarian contributors translated the entire Shopware backend, frontend and Premium Plugins in less than one month. More astonishing, the project was more nearly 90% translated in only 5 days. Take a look:



We are astonished by the speed of our Bulgarian contributors. Plus, check out how handsome Shopware looks with a Bulgarian backend and frontend:



Our Bulgarian contributors prove the efficiency of this platform. They even translated the new snippets added by Shopware 5.1 seemingly instantaneously. For this reason, we once again thank our top contributors, DNHSoft Ltd. (dnhsoft1 – 8244 translations) and Martin Kafadarov (mkafadarov – 40 translations).

As soon as the project was completely translated, our team of developers created a plugin out of the translations. This can be downloaded, completely for free, in the Shopware Community Store. As one of the top translators, you receive credit for your awesome work.

To the Bulgarian plugin


Progress report

As you can imagine, this is just the beginning of a spectacular outreach into new lands. With our first progress report, we are proud to announce not only the release of the Bulgarian plugin, but also tremendous progress in additional languages.



If you are interested in becoming a translator or proofreader, all you have to do is sign up via Crowdin and get started! Write us a message if you are interested in becoming a proofreader for your language.

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