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Shopware on Crowdin - contribute your voice today


Without a doubt, growth in the international market is one of Shopware’s most important strategic goals. We have made this quite apparent this past year. Between exhibitions in the UK and Netherlands to building our partner network of agencies and technology providers – we are spreading our international wings.

This is why we are excited to share that you can now take part in our international expansion. Following our love-for-Community approach, it is now possible for you to help us move things forward by contributing your unique translation skills, directly to the Shopware platform.

Crowdin: Community platform for localization

For this purpose we use Crowdin.

Here’s how it goes: we provide access to our complete frontend and backend text, and users can translate this text to whatever language they please, directly from the Crowdin platform. More than 21,000 companies, including Microsoft and reddit, already use the platform to reach new international audiences – all of which is made possible thanks to the 500,000 translators working with the platform.

Sign up for free and get translating

Have you mastered Spanish or know somebody that’s fluent in Polish? Then sign up now for free and start contributing your unique language skills. In order to maintain a high level of quality, translations will be proofread and gradually integrated into Shopware. 

Here you can also communicate with us directly about the project – if you have a question about a translation, you can immediately contact the Shopware administrators. We are more than happy to provide context and further information. 

Getting started with Shopware’s project is as simple as this:

1. Sign up for an account on the Crowdin platform. 

2. Join the Shopware project – here you will see an overview of all the current suggested languages. If you don’t see your language, no problem – simply send us a request and take care that is added.

3. On this page you will see the translation overview, where the progress of each translation is represented as a percentage value.

4. After clicking on the language you would like to contribute to, you will be presented an overview of all translation files. Now click on a file that hasn't reached 100%. 

5. Here you can see the original file name - enter your translation in the box provided below.

6. Voilà! Your translation will be sent to be proof read. Once it’s been approved, your work will be integrated into the Shopware platform. 

Once a language has been completely translated, we will then bring the full set of translations into the Shopware platform, for the international world to enjoy. Click here to learn more about creating an account and the first steps toward contributing.

Always informed about the progress

Through Crowdin, as well as our blog, you will receive a regular overview of the progress and status of various translations. We look forward to working on this project with you, your friends, acquaintances and many new faces.

Now get a direct impression of the Shopware project on Crowdin!

Shopware on Crowdin