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Sign up for English trainings in the Shopware Academy

Sign up for English trainings in the Shopware Academy

From 20 November to 24 November, our popular template and developer training courses will take place in English in the Shopware Academy. Designed to provide you with detailed insight into the development and technology of the platform, these courses are the perfect opportunity for you to learn a wealth of tips, tricks, and know-how, direct from the developers who created Shopware.

20 November: Template Training

During the Template Training, you will learn how to create and modify templates and best handle the technology behind Shopware. Following easy steps, you'll learn how to develop your own themes for Shopware 5.

Programme details:

  • Introduction to Shopware’s folder structure
  • Familiarisation with the inheritance and block system
  • Introduction to Smarty as a template engine
  • Introduction to LESS
  • Practical part with live coding

At the end of the Template Training, you are given a "Shopware certified Template Designer" certificate.

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21 November: Advanced Template Training

If you're looking to build upon the skills acquired during the basic template training course, then visit our Advanced Template Training session. Together with experienced developers, this course teaches you how to apply Shopware’s technologies to create your own individual templates.

Programme details:

  • Create your own theme configuration
  • Introduction to Shopware jQuery plugins
  • Extending Shopware jQuery plugins
  • Stateful plugins with the StateManager
  • Practical examples with a live coding section

After successfully completing the workshop, you will receive a "Shopware Certified Template Developer" certificate.

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22 November: Developer Training

Together with the developers who created Shopware, you will get to know Shopware’s structure and gather practical experience by creating custom programming and template adjustments on your own. This hands-on training is therefore ideal for all programmers.

Programme details:

  • Introduction to the Shopware structure
  • Installation of Shopware and set up IDE
  • Plugin base structure
  • Implementing a frontend plugin
  • Modifying templates
  • Adding own attributes and templates
  • Options for modifying Shopware (events & hooks)

At the end of the course, you have the chance to become a "Shopware certified Developer".

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23 - 24 November: Advanced Developer Training

This two-day training explores the technology behind Shopware 5. Together with other experienced developers, the key technologies of the shop system will be worked out and used. The training is designed for experienced developers who have prior experience with Shopware and already have the “Shopware Certified Developer” certificate.

Programme details:

  • Plugins for advanced users
  • Working with Doctrine
  • Backend development with ExtJS
  • Expansion of existing backend modules
  • Modifying product listings

If you have already completed the Advanced Developer Training, you have the opportunity to receive a “Shopware Certified Advanced Developer” certificate at the end of the course.

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