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The new EU information obligation, effective from January 9, 2016

The new EU information obligation, effective from January 9, 2016

The new year comes up with a couple of new legal regulations that every shop owner should keep in mind. Coming into effect on January 9, the European Union requires new information obligations. 

Aim: To strengthen consumer protection

The EU regulation No. 524/2013 aims at strengthening the trust of consumers in their online shopping by providing a link to a platform for online dispute settlement.

This platform is supposed to offer an easy, efficient, quick and cheap way to find out-of-court settlements for disputes between merchants and customers.

Implementing a link to the platform

The new regulation comes into effect on January 9, 2016. All merchants are required to implement the following link in their shop by that date: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

Pure B2B sellers are excludes from the regulation.

The link to the platform has to be easy accessible. Adding it to the imprint of the shop appears to be an appropriate way.


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