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This is how millennials shop - 7 tips from Luana Silva

This is how millennials shop - 7 tips from Luana Silva

Luana Theodoro da Silva became famous through Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. With a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, she has been sharing her life with her followers since 2014. She also writes more in-depth pieces about her own personal development on her blog. After obtaining a degree in business studies, Luana became self-employed, opened an online shop for women's fashion and founded a social media agency.

At the Shopware Community Day 2017, Luana spoke about how millennials shop on the internet. Here we've summarized the most important tips:

#1 - The product has to be convincing

Especially in the beauty and fashion branche, a product has to convince the customer with quality and comfort. For Luana, a product needs to flatter her, look good, fit well and of course be fashionable. 

#2 – Product presentation

Since you aren't able to see how the clothes feel with your own hands, presentation is especially important, so the user can get the best possible idea of what the clothes are like. Good pictures, a detailed description and ideally even a video are the best conditions for convincing the customer to buy something.

#3 – Payment methods and goodwill

Luana purchases multiple products at once, especially in the case when she's not sure about sizes. So payment methods also play a role in her decision whether to buy something from a specific store weekly. months or just as an exception. The flexibility of retailers when it comes to payment methods is a decicive factor for Luana when determining whether or not to make a purchase.

#4 – Return process

Finally, it's important for Luana to be able to return things easily. In some cases, she wound up keeping products that she didn't want to, just because the returns process was so complicated. Altough the company ultimately made a sale, she's definitely not so keen on ordering from those shops any more.

#5 – Customer Centricity

Within her own online shop, the first thing she pays most attention to is whether all the processes work smoothly, incl. aspects like ordering, packaging and shipping. Luana pretty much taught herself everything, and powered through. But product presentation and customer communication were also especially important to her. With everything she has launched up to now, she has always seen herself as her own target audience, and never stopped asking herself: "what would I wish for as a customer?"

#6 – Inspiration and entertainment

Millennials are a generation of keen consumers that are not afraid of spending money on trends in order to receive quick gratification, but this generation also has high expectations – they want to be inspired and entertained.

#7 – Identify trends early

Many companies are incredibly slow to react to trends, changes and demand. They only get on board once the ship has practically sailed, trying to follow what others are doing when it comes to brand identity. But this detracts from what's fresh, new, authentic and surprising about a brand. Of course, it's a lot easier for Luana, an individual, than for a large company to be flexible and agile, to try out new things, and if something doesn't work, to throw it overboard again. Trial and Error.

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