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Three questions for: Andy Headington from Adido

Three questions for: Andy Headington from Adido


Today we're getting to know Andy Headington - one of the CEO of Adido, an award-winning ecommerce agency in the  UK and certified Shopware partner.

As CEO of Adido, Andy has a vast knowledge of all areas of digital marketing and is a regular blogger, contributor and  presenter on all areas of digital. His most specific areas of expertise and interest are search marketing, travel marketing and future innovations in the digital world.



Who are Adido?

We are a data focused digital marketing agency based in Bournemouth in the UK. We founded the  company from Bournemouth University in 2003 and have grown from four students to a team of twenty digital experts, covering design, build, marketing and analytics. We’re very much on the data and technical side of things and put this before ‘big creative ideas’. We love a good spreadsheet and graph! Whilst it might not be as ‘sexy’ as some other agencies, our approach works. We have a very settled team and very loyal clients who see real business benefits from our data-driven work. Often the projects we work on get recognised nationally each year as best in their class which is great when it happens.

We are quite unique in that one half of our agency is purely focused on web builds, UX and technical integrations, while the other side is focused on SEO, PPC and analytics. Some clients have said we’re two agencies in one! In recent years we’ve done a lot to integrate both sides of the business to give a more rounded offering. It’s really improving our results and our team always likes to know more about the skills of those around them.

Why are you partnering with Shopware?

We’ve built dozens of ecommerce stores over the years; from ones which sell a few products to some which turn over millions of pounds every year. We’ve tried lots of different platforms during our time but nearly all of them have compromises somewhere.

With the world & commerce shifting significantly this year, we wanted to push more into ecommerce and selected Shopware as it offers everything that our clients have ever needed straight out of the box. But we know that if extra features are required then it really helps that we can tailor the code as we want to meet our clients' needs. It’s also great to see the Shopware roadmap and new features which are coming up as well as being able to choose from hundreds of prebuilt modules from the Shopware store. We’ve found all of the Shopware team to be hugely positive and helpful so far which again is a real plus when it comes to tackling the commercial or technical issues that come up.

Why is ecommerce important to Adido?

As mentioned, it’s something that we really excel at. Our marketing and technical team offer a quite unique proposition in that both are thinking about the others area a lot of the time and communication between the teams is key. Far too often we see websites built with very little thought to the user journey or how they will find them in the first place. Similarly, marketers often just think about getting traffic without thinking about conversion or lifetime value. 

For us, the exciting thing about working on ecommerce projects is that we can bring the best of both worlds to our clients. On top of that we also provide years of experience from working with other ecommerce projects to offer solutions that can really help businesses excel online. It’s looking like the trends we’ve seen with some of our ecommerce marketing campaigns will be here to stay for a long time so we’re looking forward to an exciting time ahead!

About Adido

The company was created in 2003 by four Bournemouth University students that had just graduated in IT and computing. Originally a web development agency that was building websites with a difference, Adido became known locally for being able to develop websites that required innovative thinking or bespoke technical features. When climbing up the search engine rankings (SERPs) became a thing, Adido were in a great position to help their clients to gain SERP advantage and increase their online presence. So they set about understanding the complexities of digital marketing. As the company grew, so did the offering. Now the team work together to enhance their clients digital performance, to deliver results and help them grow. For example, when tracking and analytics became more mainstream, they became determined to use the data they could collect to great effect, like proving ROI and enabling better strategic decision making.

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