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Three questions for: Tomas Damen

Three questions for: Tomas Damen

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With a focus on creating cost effective and simple payment options, Mollie became a leading payment service provider in the Dutch market with an increasing influence in the German. Today we’re getting to know more about Mollie’s services in conversation with Tomas Damen, Business Development Manager for the Dutch market.

1. Without a doubt, payment is one of the main pillars of effective eCommerce. What is Mollie and what set your services apart from the rest?

Mollie stands for clever payment products for great companies of all sizes. We offer timesaving features that help you run your business more efficiently so you can focus on making money. What really sets Mollie apart from other payment service providers is that with one integration and contract you can quickly integrate all major European payment methods and support secure transactions within 15 minutes. This all is done with only a price per transaction. No setup fees, no monthly costs and no contractual periods. As a result, currently more than 34,000 active web shops believe in the quality and service of our products.


2. How could working with the right payment provider have a direct impact on your online business?

Choosing the right payment service provider is key to the success of any online business. You do not want to worry about bookkeeping, wrongfully blocked payments or safety, as you want your products to be sold and receive the funds. When choosing Mollie as your payment partner, we take care of these tasks in the most convenient way so you can fully focus upon your business. With cool features as a personal dashboard that generates all needed reports, a branded checkout for optimal conversion and in-house support that knows your product and can directly address your questions, you pay a very honest price for the best partner in handling your online payments.

3. Any foreseeable trends in the payment industry in 2017?

We see that the market is consolidating itself. Prices are dropping and the big platforms are on the rise. For the merchant, this is good news of course, since the providers are forced to invest in their technology and services in order to deliver more than just the actual payment. Parties that will not be able to adapt to the pace of the industry will not make it. This means automating processes to offer competitive pricing with a broad spectrum of payment methods and liaised products. With Mollie we will continue to innovate and set the payment industry trends.

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Suitable for businesses of all sizes, we are excited to announce that Shopware customers can now download the new Mollie plugin in the Community Store. The Mollie plugin is available for free and supports all available Mollie payment methods.

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