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Three questions for: Tomas Hesseling from ShopWorks

Three questions for: Tomas Hesseling from ShopWorks

Today we’re getting to know Tomas Hesseling, Managing Director at ShopWorks – a certified Shopware Solution Partner from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Next to being an award winning company, ShopWorks was recently decorated as one of the top 10 best eCommerce agencies in the Netherlands in Emerce’s annual “Emerce 100” report.

1. ShopWorks was recently crowned as one of the leading agencies in the Dutch eCommerce landscape. Can you say a few words about what sets your services apart from the rest?

At ShopWorks, we feel that we actually make a difference in the phase before we start designing or developing a project; you might refer to this a strategic and concept phase.

During the strategic phase, we challenge our clients to closely examine their business case. Developing the online shop is surely an investment, but how quickly can we assist our customers in achieving a return on their investment? With our comprehensive services, we contribute extra value with conversion optimization, our content studio and online marketing advice.

We also look at the assets of the company. Can we activate or sometimes reactivate existing customers by means of segmentation and making good use of CRM? Launching a new ecommerce platform is the perfect opportunity to welcome existing customers.

Besides this, we also supervise companies, and especially their individual employees, on how to maximize the potential of ecommerce. For example, we teach the classic sales employees about the extra added features and benefits of an online shop and how to interact with the client on this level. Ecommerce does not only affects sales, or marketing, or ICT. It is a completely (new) business process which needs to be grounded within the entire company!

2. In the past, ShopWorks focused strictly on Magento projects. Why did you decide to partner with Shopware?

We always follow the latest trends and see that experience commerce is becoming increasingly important. We also see huge opportunities in the area of simplified content and product management. Magento does not offer a satisfactory solution to this issue out of the box.

Furthermore, we appreciate working with such a personable and approachable software supplier. From the founder of Shopware to the many developers, you can always get in contact with the right person. With Magento, there is only contact with the local manager.

What appeals our clients is the very interesting investment at which the full Shopware software package is available. And this includes all the rights that come with the software. Our customers benefits from that fact that Shopware has a rich set of basic features which are very user friendly.

As a partner, we feel that everybody at Shopware works with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, which is contagious. They truly support us in every which way.

3. Can you give us any sneak-peeks into upcoming Shopware-ShopWorks projects?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to talk about our clients. We work with a high end brand in the cosmetics industry and a large bicycle manufacturer. In both cases, we cannot talk about the project for strategic reasons. The expected launches of the projects are in May and in the fall. Furthermore, our sales pipeline consists of several Shopware opportunities, so we are confident we will be launching more Shopware projects throughout the year.

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