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To all plugin manufacturers: The Shopware 5.7 Release Candidate is out now

To all plugin manufacturers: The Shopware 5.7 Release Candidate is out now

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Today the Shopware 5.7 Release Candidate was released. With this version, our focus is on stability and future security. The goal of this release is to ensure that modern technologies are supported as long as possible. 

This release contains some breaks that are necessary to ensure that Shopware 5 will continue to work as announced in the coming years. For this reason, we want to give all plugin manufacturers enough time to make their plugins compatible. The RC phase is planned for 8-10 weeks.

This release contains the following changes relevant to your plugin development: 

PHP 8 compatibility

In order to make Shopware future-proof and increase performance, we have made Shopware 5.7 compatible with PHP 8. Updates for PHP 7.2 will be discontinued at the end of November and are therefore "end of life".


Symfony 4 LTS update

With Shopware 5 we also rely on state-of-the-art technology. Above all, the update to Symfony 4 LTS brings stability. Security updates for Symfony 3 will only run until next year. 


Sitemap modules 

"From now on the sitemap can be maintained in the backend, making it possible to enter custom URLs and exclude URLs from sitemaps."

We have also fixed some more small bugs and made a number of improvements. As always, you can find a complete overview in the Upgrade guide.

Send us your feedback and customize your plugins

Download the RC now and use it to make your plugins already compatible with the upcoming release. Of course, we are also happy to receive any feedback you would like to share.


Download Shopware 5.7 RC


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