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Why content is critical - Recap of Commerce 2020 in Dublin

Why content is critical - Recap of Commerce 2020 in Dublin

On March 7th, Shopware teamed up with StudioForty9 and held a customer event in Dublin. StudioForty9 is a leading agency for eCommerce solutions in the Irish market and is trusted by numerous big brands. Shopware and StudioForty9 have been Enterprise partners since August 2017.

Content-packed event for eCommerce managers

Following the theme “Commerce 2020”, the event invited StudioForty9 customers to more closely examine upcoming eCommerce trends. Next to addressing the advantages of an omnichannel approach to retail, the event gave advice on how to increase conversion through effective design and tips for increasing site speed and performance. Of course, one of the hottest topics at the moment – GDPR – was also a part of the full programme. 

Customer Event Commerce 2020

Empowering commerce with content 

Closing the second day, Heike Zellerhoff – Key Account Manager at Shopware – held a presentation titled “Why content is critical”, drawing attention to ways in which digital sales can be empowered through great content.

To succeed online, retailers must always keep in mind that customers want to be inspired; experiences matter more than ever. Whether planning your next holiday or scrolling through social media, consumers want to experience something real. That’s why authentic communication with your customers is so important; it’s the basis of a sustainable relationship and, ultimately, customer loyalty.

Putting the customer in the focus

The way people buy online has moved from a transactional to an inspirational, content-led experience. The following Customer Centric Operating Model illustrates how the disruption of the traditional retail works. 

Model how to disrupt retail

If you want to disrupt traditional retail processes, you have to truly concentrate on your customers and think less in commodity and more on customer engagement. Be different and catch your customers' attention. You have to move away from pure product thinking and focus instead on creating a exciting shopping experiences.

Customers are in complete control of what they view, how they view, and what they share, and getting their attention is one of your biggest challenges. Analyse the customer journey of your shop and determine your brand’s touchpoints. Once these are identified, you can start addressing your customers with relevant content.

Storytelling as a form of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on bringing people closer to your company and product through delivering relevant content. Brands can no longer simply push a message across; they need to draw in customers with engaging, useful content. That is exactly how storytelling works. After all, we are not "businesses" connecting with "consumers"; we are people connecting with other people. Use storytelling to connect and inspire an audience to act.

Shopware’s “content & commerce” features

With Shopware, you are allowed to create content-driven  Shopping Worlds and that engage on an emotional level. You can offer a unique shopping experience that emphasises your value proposition. Tell your story! Shopping Worlds is an exclusive feature that helps you increase customer involvement with your brand. Shopware’s Sideview and Quickview elements prevent any disruption of the shopping experience. To build brand recognition, it’s important you follow a consistent and recognisable corporate design concept across every channel. and can easily engage on an emotional level.

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