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Your freedom to grow – Shopware 6

Your freedom to grow – Shopware 6

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More flexibility. Less complexity. One technology.

Guided by the principle “Emotional shopping on any device”, Shopware 5 ushered in an era of more colourful, atmospheric retail where the customer took centre stage.

Shopware 6 builds on this development to offer a platform that is perfectly prepared to meet the challenges of a complex, ever-changing eCommerce world; a platform that focuses on creating the perfect customer experiences – on every conceivable channel of the present and future.

The new technology – open, authentic, visionary

In creating Shopware 6, we wanted to provide our retailers with a sustainable solution that could stand the test of time – so we started from scratch and redesigned the system from the ground up.

The completely new technological basis relies on standards-based technologies: Symfony for the standard framework, Vue.js for the administration, Twig for the template engine, and Bootstrap as the CSS framework. This reliance on technological standards reduces costs and effort, making it even easier to work with Shopware while reducing dependency on specialised knowledge.

We are convinced that open source technology should be the foundation of any successful eCommerce strategy. That's why Shopware 6 uses the MIT license, making it even easier for our global community to modify, share and redistribute Shopware without any restrictions.



New frontiers for growth – focus on connectivity and flexibility

The world is becoming more interconnected. By 2020, experts predict there will be around 26 networked devices for every person on this earth – which translates into even more touchpoints and retail opportunities.

Shopware 6 consistently follows the API-first approach, offering the necessary flexibility for retail to take place where people are; independent of place, time and end device. Using the API, individual components – e.g. the storefront/administration, or even third-party solutions like ERP, PIM or CRM – can be connected within one centralised and integrated system. This means every retailer has the same opportunity to quickly react to market changes and create cross-channel customer experiences. The overarching goal: to make your brand more present in people's everyday lives and thus unleash new growth potential.



The new administration – developed together with the Community

The new administration was developed in close collaboration with our users and partners. Using their feedback as a compass, the redesigned administration offers a clear interface, intuitive navigation, outstanding user experience and consistent design. The administration deliberately avoids complexity so that you can focus on what is most important to you – your core business.




Sales channels – even more proximity to the customer

Shopware 6 is about connectivity and the ability to create cross-channel customer experiences. The location of the customer touchpoint will no longer be of major importance in future. With Shopware 6, you can effortlessly list your products on the channels that are relevant for your target groups. Whether classic online shop, social media platform, marketplace or POS, every sales channel can be controlled centrally from one solution. Sales channels can also differ in assortment, currencies and languages. In addition to the default channels, you can use the API to create custom connections and effectively reach your customers wherever they are.



Shopping Experiences – content & commerce made easy

With Shopware 6, we deliver the perfect basis for creating a unified shopping experience across channels, regardless of content or end device. For the retailer, creating Shopping Experiences comes intuitively and does not require any design affinity or prior technical knowledge.

Shopping Experiences is a continuation of the Shopping Worlds feature from Shopware 5 – offering improvements in terms of usability and design possibilities. Virtually any content page of the online shop can be customised, and that applies to all sales channels. For example, you can now effortlessly build unique content into individual product pages. The new feature also includes numerous standard templates and content blocks for products, videos, social media feeds, text, and more, making it even easier to design immersive shopping environment.



Rule Builder – design your business

With the new Rule Builder, retailers have the freedom to adapt Shopware to their own business model without any programming effort. Following the “configuration over coding” principle, you can effortlessly define rules to customise prices, shipping costs, or content for specific customer groups. Once a rule has been created in the Rule Builder, it can be used anywhere. As a central component of Shopware 6, this feature is the idea basis for supporting innovative business models or managing creative marketing campaigns.



Internationalisation – cross-border commerce with ease

Expanding into new markets is a major opportunity for growth – but it comes at the cost of added complexity. In developing Shopware 6, we focused on the international application of the system. This means that retailers will have to overcome fewer hurdles when it comes to internationalising their business; a topic which encompasses much more than just translations. This is where Shopware 6 comes in, offering the necessary flexibility and security to reach new markets:

  • Prepared for different legal situations in different countries
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Rule-based pricing and checkout configuration
  • Country-specific sales channels
  • Configurable tax calculation


Roadmap – journeys to Shopware 6

Shopware 6 will be launched in July and is already available for download by developers and interested users. The valuable feedback collected during the developer preview phase will flow directly into the development and further expansion of the Shopware 6 ecosystem.

You can view the current state of development in the Shopware Roadmap at any time.

To the roadmap


Shopware 5 – a love story

The future of Shopware 5 is a matter close to our hearts – and we are providing every Shopware 5 retailer with security, sustainability and the right migration path to Shopware 6. Shopware 5 remains a highly stable, proven and powerful eCommerce solution. Even with the release of Shopware 6, nothing can speak against Shopware 5 and its strong ecosystem.

For Shopware 5 and all Premium Plugins we offer:

  • 5 years long-term support
  • Regular functional releases
  • Security updates

Using the Migration Assistant, Shopware 5 merchants can quickly and easily transfer their data and content to Shopware 6. Next to migrating data, this tool also automatically checks which extensions already offer a compatible version for Shopware 6.

Even before the final release, retailers can already test the capabilities of some Shopware 6 features in their Shopware 5 shop. We offer a continuous alignment between Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 - this allows retailers to quickly and easily gain experience with Shopware 6 and identify new added value for their business. The next major release, Shopware 5.6, will include several of the new features.




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