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As one of the first Shopware UK Partners, Corefinity has been working very closely with Shopware for over 5 years now.

Our shopware experts have developed a fully scaleable and yet battle proven stack for Shopware that can be deployed to any of the reliable and well known cloud providers such as Google Compute (GCP) or Amazon Web services (AWS) and Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

Corefinity's unique offering is able to scale up within seconds upon traffic increase and our fully featured control panel gives you the ability to monitor and mange your infrastructure with functionalities such as fully automated 0 downtime deployment pipelines, a full user journey monitoring suite and the list goes on.

All of our stacks come with the following as standard:

  • UK Based 24/7 Magento Specialised support
  • Fully PCI compliant with quarterly reporting and scanning services
  • Minutely monitoring with full user journey monitoring
  • Less than 6 minutes average response times to emergencies over the years
  • Global CDN provided as standard
  • Cloudflare fully integrated including all security features
  • Cloud firewall optimised for Magento so far having stopped many attacks
  • Nightly snapshots with high retention rate
  • 0 Downtime automated deployment pipelines (Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket)
  • State of the art Control Panel (new features on a monthly basis) providing full visibility into the infrastructure
  • Transactional emails included through our partner (Mailgun) with near 98% deliverability and full logging
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Corefinity 4th Floor, Rutland House, 42 Call Lane LS1 6DT Leeds United Kingdom +44800 464 7255


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