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Unlimited opportunities for growth with your Shopware Cloud store

The Shopware Cloud products offer flexible upgrade options that support your project as it grows. From a solution that is completely free of charge to the robust Professional Edition – you can adapt your plan to your business at any time.

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Free Advanced Professional
Included in
available for:
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Starter Edition
available for:
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Starter Edition
available for:
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Professional Edition
Price per month €0.00* €29.00* €199.00*
Revenue sharing The revenue share is calculated based upon the net value of the orders placed in your shop and the % determined by your plan. 3% 1.5% 0.5%
Start now for free Start now Start now
Business scalability
User The number of possible users with personalised access data for administration 1 3 Unlimited
Custom domains Create an individual domain for your shop - for a strong branding and an optimal positioning in search engines 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Countries Select a country from which orders are possible in your shop. There will be no limit to the number of countries from the Starter Edition Advanced onwards 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Currencies Select a standard currency for your business and add further currencies, as required 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Support Ticket response Do you have a technical problem? Contact our support team and receive help within the contractually agreed reaction time 5 days 2 days
Additional Support Channel Benefit from a variety of support channels, such as Live Chat, Chatbot or Call back service Chat Chat & callback service
Additional Sales Channel In addition to your classic online shop, develop further sales channels, such as Instagram, Facebook or Google Shopping 2 Unlimited
Shopware Promotion Bar deactivation In the storefront for shops with the free version, a message will appear that this shop was implemented using Shopware. As from the Starter Edition Advanced, this message will be deactivated automatically
Custom Products The professional feature "Custom Products" gives you the option to offer individualised products in your shop
CMS Extensions CMS extensions for your experience worlds - design your shop pages based on your needs and requirements and get a display of products, e.g. by Quick View Only Form Builder
Dynamic Access Set rules and determine exactly which customer groups can or cannot see your content – such as landing pages, categories and products. For example, you can create a separate category page for VIP clients that only they get access to.
Flow Builder Customise and automate complex business procedures with the most intuitive no-code interface. Save time and resources by implementing effective workflows. Benefit from faster reaction times, more flexibility and more control over your business operations.
NB: Webhooks (the data transmission to API-based third-party systems) are only included in the Professional plan.
Including webhooks

Important information about the plans

  • The Shopware Starter Edition includes two plans: Free and Advanced

  • Plans can only be booked for Shopware Cloud stores

  • Plans cannot be booked for the free Shopware Community Edition (self-managed)

  • Plans cannot be booked for the Shopware Enterprise Edition (self-managed)

  • All Shopware Cloud and rental products can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

* All prices are excluding VAT.

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