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Shopware Community Edition

Our free open source solution for your own local hosting environment.

Shopping Worlds Presets

Created and developed by Shopware, Shopping Worlds were designed to help you reach your customers on an emotional level and awaken their desire to make a purchase. Now with several free Shopping Worlds presets to choose from, this plugin makes working with this feature easier than ever and brings you a considerable competitive advantage. These presets come neatly packed with predefined image and text snippets, which can be individually customised following the usability known from Shopware’s backend. All images contained in the presets are licence-free and therefore available to use in your shop for absolutely no cost.

Customer Streams

Cater to your customers with individualised product offers using the new Customer Streams. With the new Customer Streams, you can filter your customers based on the criteria you define and present products that are perfectly tailored to their interests. Whether newsletters, vouchers or content on your landing page, streams will adjust to show content that speaks to your customer’s individual interests. Customer Steams work perfectly together with Product Steams.

Product Streams

Product streams draw your customers’ attention to specific assortments – assortments which you have already defined, behind the scenes, using conditions. For instance, you can present the latest products from a certain category (condition 1), of a particular manufacturer (condition 2), in a particular price range (condition 3), using a few simple mouse clicks. Product streams can appear at decisive points in your shop, such category pages, product detail pages or in shopping worlds. The highlight: product streams automatically update themselves. So when any new product meets the defined filter criteria, the system updates the stream without you having to lift a finger.

Subshops inclusive

Subshop licences are a direct part of Shopware’s core and integrated free of charge. Subshops make it possible to implement either large-scale projects with different language shops or quickly and inexpensively target groups, making it all the easier for you to build your ideal online shop.

Open Source AGPL v3

With version 5.0, the free and open source Community Edition is under the open source license AGPL v3 (Affero General Public License). Since October 2010, Shopware has been providing a mutually beneficial value to all members of the Shopware Community. The involvement of thousands of members in the code development means that Shopware is based on a broader scale, thus ensuring an even greater quality of our product. The "copyleft" provisions of the AGPL also enable us to maintain control over any and all changes to the code.

AGPL v3 description AGPL v3 FAQ

More features

The standard version is packed innovative and unique features, giving you the basis for a sophisticated, straightforward and attractive online shop.

Modular basis

Shopware is modular and can be expanded using plugins and modules. “Start small” and add unlimited new features and functions to compliment the growth of your business.

Upgrades possible

Should you choose the Community or Professional Edition, you always have the possibility of seamlessly upgrading to the Professional + or Enterprise edition.

Shopware Community Edition

Our free open source solution for your own local hosting environment.

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