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Subtle yet packed with power. The Shopware technology.

One of the most stunning features of Shopware 5 cannot be seen from the surface. It must be observed first-hand, under the hood: the completely overhauled technology. Shopware’s software architecture is made up of powerful, modern technology with sights on the future. The code basis is lean, efficient and has a direct impact on the performance of the system. Shopware is an open source product. In involving thousands of developers to the development and improvement of the system, Shopware meets the highest standards and guarantees your investment is secure. The plugin system makes it possible to extend both the front and backend to meet your requirements, all without losing the ability to make software updates/upgrades. Without any restrictions or reservations, Shopware can be shaped and extended to satisfy the unique requirements of any business.

Open Source

Open Source

Every part of Shopware is fully open source from the scratch. Without any exception. This allows you to easily modify and expand Shopware according to your needs. Furthermore, our invaluable Community lends their talent to the betterment of our open source product and creates new plugins for the Community Store every day.

AGPL license

The Community Edition is open source and licensed under the official open source (AGPL) license. Thus, you have free access to the Shopware source code and the ability to customize it.


Developers from around the world contribute changes and improvements to the Shopware source code. Thanks to these contributions, Shopware meets the highest standards.

Completely set free

With Shopware 5.2 we have released our Premium Plugins without encryption. This opens up completely new possibilities for adapting our plugins to meet specific needs.

State of the Art

Shopware is packed with the most forward-thinking and modern technology, which allow you to always be ready for the future. These technologies include PHP 7, the integration of Elasticsearch and an open API. The external libraries of Shopware are also updated to their most current versions.

State of the Art
Certified quality Icon

Certified quality

Our ongoing test-driven development guarantees even the smallest update is held to the highest standard of quality. So you benefit from having a highly secure investment.

High-end architecture Icon

High-end architecture

There is no secret behind our robust shop system - an elaborate software architecture coupled with a modern, sturdy core offer high performance under the hood.

Open API Icon

Open API

Shopware’s open API is one titan of an interface, allowing you to connect with any third-party solution, create an individual connection or perform advanced customizations

PHP 7 Icon


Shopware is one of the first PHP based shop systems – coming November 2015, Shopware will be compatible with PHP 7.

Elasticsearch Icon


From now on, the MySQL database – the database Shopware uses for storing, accessing and processing information – is supplemented by the very powerful Elasticsearch.

Use of additional frameworks Icon

Use of additional frameworks

Up until now, programmers were reliant on ExtJS in order to develop extensions. Now it is possible to use other frameworks, such as jQuery, AngularJS or Ember.js.

Blue Green Deployment Icon

Blue Green Deployment

The integration of blue-green deployment makes it possible for enterprise customers to safely perform Shopware updates on cluster systems. This works by installing the new Shopware version on just one application server as well as on the database. The systems that have yet to be updated work with the new database, keeping the downtime of the shop to a minimum.

Composer Icon


The new composer integration makes it possible to build complex projects on Shopware and manage them via version control. At the same time, a Shopware project - including the basic shop and all adjustments – can be easily rolled out, installed and updated on servers. With this integration, Shopware offers a powerful tool for the development and administration of projects.

Flexible Theme Basis Icon

Flexible Theme Basis

Template developers can look forward to even greater flexibility in Shopware 5.4, as it’s now possible to individually discard the styles and/or the JavaScript of the parent theme. This allows shop owners to transfer only the desired parts of the template basis and makes it even easier to construct completely new templates.



Shopware is modular and superbly versatile and flexible, thanks to an advanced plugin system. Extend the functional reach of your shop and make updates without making any compromises.

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