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D2 Web Agency is a full service Web and E-Commerce agency. What sets us apart is our strong focus on solutions that revolve around data. We believe that for small and mid sized e-commerce vendors to be successful in the days of large global e-commerce marketplaces  and clutter it is very important to create value through careful collection and analysis of data and using it to improve the overall buyer experience on the e-commerce store. 

We help our clients with complete end to end e-commerce shop implementations on Shopware (5 and 6) that include consulting, implementation, custom theme development, custom plugins and interface development to enhance the e-commerce experience through custom features and integrations with other systems and applications along with mobile experiences through native apps or progressive web apps (PWAs) like VueStorefront. We have also built our own solution to enhance Shopware's frontend by integrating React JS to it making it significantly faster and more intuitive. 

Our expertise with Data Science allows us to build complex data centric solutions for e-commerce vendors including, AI powered conversational ChatBots, Machine Learning based recommendation engines, Machine Learning powered Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence systems including building a integration between different applications like e-commerce store, CRM, EPR, Web Analytics, Ads Platforms, Billing Platforms etc to provide a wholesome reporting and intelligence experience for shop owners to support their decision making and Computer Vision powered solutions like image search through custom search functionality and also by enhancing the ChatBots to interact with customers via inspiration images. 

Our team of project managers, business analysts, developers, designers and data science experts are committed towards excellence in service delivery while keeping effective channels of communications open backed up by an agile development enviroenment to keep our clients ahead of the curve and always in the driving position to have the most intelligent e-commerce store in their segment. 

We are not just designers, marketers and developers who build pretty things that function well. But rather an agency that thinks beyond tech and more on the lines of the business bottom line. For us a well done project is one that has an incremental effect on our client's revenue base. That's the only thing we strive for. We are D2 - A DATA FIRST E-Commerce Agency. We are the agency of the future! 

Reach us on to discuss how we can help your business move up the ladder through Digital Dominance.  

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Alexandra Rack
17 Posthoornstraat
3011WD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Fon: +31-1-03075858

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