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Miller Digital

Partner kontaktieren has been building cutting-edge e-commerce solutions for national and international b2b / b2c customers since 2008. We are based just above Amsterdam in Wormerveer but offer our services throughout the Netherlands. We have an appetite for creative solutions integrating technology, design and sales. We are an informal group of people who like to dive into your project head-first and help you reach new levels of customer satisfaction. Our team consist of (e-commerce) strategists, Shopware 6 certified developers, UI and UX desigers all working together for that ultimate goal. 

We have been a Shopware Business Partner for many years and have worked on a diverse set of projects including complex API/ERP connections with systems such as Unit4, Microsoft Dynamics and AFAS. We frequently build larger multinational shops in different countries and languages. Our developers are able to build almost every connection for optimal integration into your business. We offer diverse conversion optimization services, SEO services and regularly discuss new options with our customers. +31 75 616 77 63. you are contemplating replatforming to Shopware 6 but need guidance and clear advice, for a complimentary meeting at our office. We can help you make the right decision and guide you through the process without hickups. If you already have a project ready and need an estimate, send us the documents and we will return a detailed estimate and planning. Want to learn more about our organisation then visit . Need more Shopware-specific information, then visit or just call us at

or just call us at +31 75 616 77 63.

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Shopware 6 ready
Dieser Hersteller ist durch unsere Academy für Shopware 6 zertifiziert.

Shopware Business Partner

Remco Molenaar
Samsonweg 134
1521RM Wormerveer
The Netherlands

Fon: 075 - 616 77 53
Fax: 084 - 229 63 97

  • B2C
  • B2B
  • Fremdsoftware Integrationen
  • Design

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    Gesamtanzahl an gültigen Zertifizierungen im Unternehmen.

  • Shopware 6
  • Shopware 6 Certified Developer

    Ein Entwickler besitzt grundlegendes Know-how der Shopware-Technik und deren Anwendung in Projekten.

    1 zertifizierter Mitarbeitender

  • Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer

    Ein Template Designer kann für Deinen Shopware-Shop Themes erstellen.

    1 zertifizierter Mitarbeitender

  • Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Template Designer

    Ein Advanced Template Designer ist noch tiefer im Thema als der Template Designer.

    1 zertifizierter Mitarbeitender