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Shopware Roadmap

Transparenz und Offenheit sind tief in unserer DNA verankert, "offen" ist ein Kernwert der shopware AG. Mit der automatisch generierten Produkt-Roadmap zeigen wir Dir, woran wir gerade arbeiten, was wir als nächstes in Angriff nehmen und welche Visionen wir für die Zukunft haben.

Wir werden unsere Produkt-Roadmap innerhalb der nächsten Wochen aktualisieren.

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Juni Juli August September


Die Plattform-Roadmap ist die Basis für alle weiteren Shopware Editionen. Sie zeigt Dir, was wir für die Shopware 6 Community Edition aktuell erarbeiten. Beachte: Was bei den kommerziellen Editionen als Mehrwert hinzukommt, kannst Du weiter unten einsehen.
  • Admin search improvements
    Admin search improvements

    The admin search is an important tool for merchant in his daily doing. He should easily find what he is looking for and shouldn't be bothered with unnecessary information. Therefor he should be able define what he wants to search for. Also his settings and behaviour should be saved to the database, so that every admin user has his own preferences.

    Platform 28%
  • Allow additional entities for import and export
    Allow additional entities for import and export

    We will add additional entities like promotion codes, orders and customers with default address for import and export.

    Platform 42%
  • AppSystem - Admin extension
    AppSystem - Admin extension

    For many apps, it is important to extend the administration in order to use their full potential. Therefor we will further enhance the extension possibilities in the admin with these features:

    • Open iframe in modal with smartbar buttons
    • Iframes in tabs & cards
    • ACL for action buttons & custom modules
    • Notification push to admin by external apps
    Platform 72%
  • AppSystem - CMS Blocks & Elements
    AppSystem - CMS Blocks & Elements

    One of the key features of Shopware are the Shopping Experiences. As we already have a lot of great plugins these, we also want to enable app developers to extend the CMS. Therefor it will be possible for apps to bring their own custom blocks and elements to the Shopping Experiences.

    Platform 61%
  • AppSystem - Custom fields improvements
    AppSystem - Custom fields improvements

    Custom fields are a great feature to extend the administration with an app. To give our developer community even more possibilities, we will add further entities to be extended by custom fields.

    Also it will be possible to add a "Global" flag to the custom field sets, to guarantee that the fields added by an app aren't deleted on specific datasets by the merchant.

    Platform 0%
  • AppSystem - Webhook improvements
    AppSystem - Webhook improvements

    Webhooks are an essential feature of the Appsystem. Therefor we will further develop this feature and improve the documentation of the webhooks.

    Platform 38%
  • Bulk Edit for Orders and Products
    Bulk Edit for Orders and Products

    We want to give merchants the possibilty to update multiple orders and products at the same time.

    This will help to reduce the time needed for order processing and to maintain products, especially for those merchants without additional ERP/PIM software.

    Platform 54%
  • Captcha Solution
    Captcha Solution

    The current honeypot integration does not reliably prevent spam. Therefore we want to add different possibilities to use a captcha of number/character combinations as well as a google captcha v3.

  • Flow Builder Launch
    Flow Builder Launch

    The no-code Flow Builder facilitates our merchants to automate and easily adapt their business processes without programming knowledge. Our solution enables our merchants to capitalize on arising opportunities they had to pass on before and in general enables them to operate more resource-efficient through automation.

    Platform 86%
  • Import Export Improvements
    Import Export Improvements

    The import and export was closely tied to shopware's internal data structure. In this step we will remove the dependency on internal identifies like UUIDs and lay the base to enable merchants to import their data into shopware according to their needs and use cases.


    Platform 100%
  • Improve orders UX in Administration
    Improve orders UX in Administration

    The order module is one of the most important modules for the merchants. By reworking the user interface and the usability, we want to ensure that the whole process of handling orders will get more convenient and a lot easier. 

    We will achieve this by restructuring tabs & cards and simplify working with the order states.

    Platform 100%
  • Improve product UX - II
    Improve product UX - II

    It will be much easier to assign products to Sales Channels, by setting a default Sales Channel visibility for new products and a batch-assign feature in the Sales Channels.

    Platform 100%
  • Private Apps
    Private Apps

    With the Shopware App Store, you can already bring new functionalities and integrations to your cloud shop. Private Apps will additionally allow you to upload apps directly to your shop. This will not only allow for e.g. template modifications by the merchant but also for more complex customizations by e.g. shopware partners

    Platform 25%
  • Rule Builder & Dynamic Product Group Improvements
    Rule Builder & Dynamic Product Group Improvements

    With the next iteration, the Rule Builder will be enhanced with numerous new features. The inclusion of custom fields, checking whether fields are empty, the ability to apply multiple conditions to a single product in the shopping cart and the use of strike prices will allow merchants to create even more customized rules.

    Platform 90%

Starter Edition

Das jüngste Mitglied in der Shopware Familie wird ständig weiterentwickelt und automatisch upgedated. Hier erfährst Du, was wir derzeit speziell für unsere Einstiegslösung in den E-Commerce auf Basis der Shopware Cloud entwickeln.
  • Domains by Shopware
    Domains by Shopware

    Domains by Shopware will make it extremely easy for merchants to book top level domains such as "" or "". Top Level domains make a shop more trustworthy and help you to build a brand. With Domains by Shopware you no longer need to bring and connect your own domain - you can simply book a domain directly in the Shopware administration and we will take care of the rest.

    Starter Edition 50%
  • Private Apps
    Private Apps

    With the Shopware App Store, you can already bring new functionalities and integrations to your cloud shop. Private Apps will additionally allow you to upload apps directly to your shop. This will not only allow for e.g. template modifications by the merchant but also for more complex customizations by e.g. shopware partners

    Starter Edition 25%

Next: Das kommt im nächsten Term

Wir planen neue Features in einem 4-Monats-Rhythmus ein, den wir bei Shopware als Term bezeichnen. Hier findest Du alle Features, die wir bereits für den nachfolgenden Term eingeplant haben. Du kannst Dir also sicher sein: Was hier steht, nehmen wir auf jeden Fall demnächst in Angriff.

  • AppSystem - Custom entities
    AppSystem - Custom entities

    To further improve the AppSystem, apps will have the possibility to add their own entity types. Each entity type will have an own module in the menu, with a listing and detail pages.

  • Automatic change of shipping method
    Automatic change of shipping method

    When a shipping method is no longer available, the shop should change to the next available one without any user interaction.

  • Extended functions for import-export profiles
    Extended functions for import-export profiles

    The Import-Export profiles help merchants to handle regular data transfers. We will add additional functions to enable merchants to create and use profiles more safely and efficiently.

  • Time-Zone handling in the administration
    Time-Zone handling in the administration

    The handling of time zones in all configuration fields is not very transparent for the customer and differs from module to module.

    The goal of this epic is to implement a central solution that makes it possible to configure dates and times in a specific timezone by the admin users, regardless of the format in which the data is stored in the database.


Future: Das kommt danach

Hier siehst Du Features, die wir in absehbarer Zukunft umsetzen wollen, aber noch nicht konkret eingeplant haben. Eine Bearbeitung dieser Features in den nächsten vier Monaten ist zwar unwahrscheinlich, aber wir haben sie bereits auf dem Radar.

  • Admin: Support multiple deliveries
    Admin: Support multiple deliveries

    When working with orders it's quite common that some orders will be shipped in different packages, therefore an order can have multiple deliveries. We want to make sure, that shop owners can set up multiple deliveries for their orders in the administration and maintain them.

  • Buttons as CMS element
    Buttons as CMS element

    To further improve the usability of the CMS, we will add a new element to the shopping experiences which will simplify adding buttons to your layout.

  • Configurable robots.txt
    Configurable robots.txt

    As a shop owner I want to customize a robots.txt for my sales channels to be able to exclude routes from the indexing. Shopware 6 is currently missing a robots.txt.

  • Documentation in the administration
    Documentation in the administration

    When working with the administration it's always difficult to find the right documentation article that covers the questions that might arise. This epic will introduce a functionality that makes it possible to get the the documentation of a module displayed directly in the administration. It will surely help fo clarify questions directly without searching in the online documentation.

  • Improve Checkout and Registration
    Improve Checkout and Registration

    The storefront registration should increase the conversion rate. Therefore it needs to be improved.

  • Improve delivery time
    Improve delivery time

    It's quite useful to display delivery times in the storefront. The difference between preparation time and shipping time is not clear in the storefront yet. With this epic we want to improve the delivery times.

  • Order Status per line / Partial Cancellation
    Order Status per line / Partial Cancellation

    Every shop owner has to deal with returns and cancellations. Currently one needs to cancel the whole order and partial cancellations are not possible. With this epic we want to introduce a workflow on how to create partial cancellations in shopware.

  • Rework Documents
  • Storefront: Support multiple deliveries
    Storefront: Support multiple deliveries

    A common functionality in online shops is an option that allows the customer to split an order into multiple deliveries, for example when a product is not in stock, and the rest of the order is ready to ship. We want to introduce a setup that allows the customer to split the orders based on the delivery times to get their packages earlier.

  • Tax Calculation of Vouchers
    Tax Calculation of Vouchers

    When working with vouchers there are many different regulations that also are depending on the country the voucher is used in. To maximize the possible configurations it is necessary to assign taxes to vouchers.

  • Storefront TypeScript Refactoring