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At the Shopware Academy, you will receive various technical certifications that you can complete on site or online. Your certificate confirms your Shopware expertise and is a powerful marketing tool for freelancers, partners and plugin developers.

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Please note that to book a certification from the options below, you will first be directed to register an account or log in to the Shopware Account platform.

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shopware6 certified paas specialist

Shopware 6 Certified PaaS Specialist

A Certified PaaS Specialist is an expert user of Shopware 6 Cloud

  • Deep knowledge and experience in commerce

  • Has skills and competencies required to implement, review, troubleshoot, and on the Shopware Cloud

  • Understand setup, including how to leverage the cloud system to improve business performance and operations

Target Group
Solution Architect
System Administrator


shopware6 certified solutions specialist

Shopware 6 Certified Solutions Specialist

A Certified Solutions Specialist is an expert user of Shopware.

  • Comprehensive understanding of Shopware 6 platform and architecture

  • Align business objects

  • Optimize native features

Target Group
Business Analysts
Account/Project Managers
Shopware Platform Users


shopware6 certified developer

Shopware 6 Certified Developer

A Certified Developer has basic knowledge of the technology behind Shopware and its application in projects.

  • Structure and technology of Shopware 6

  • Implementing frontend apps

  • Setting up Shopware in a development environment

  • Adding attributes and services

  • Using events and hooks

Target Group


shopware6 certified developer adv

Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Developer

An Advanced Developer has even more Shopware skills than the Developer.

  • Development of complex apps

  • Definition and extention of entities

  • Implementation and extention of Admin modules

  • Extending shopping cart processes

  • Adding storefront pages

Target Group


shopware6 certified template designer

Shopware 6 Certified Template Designer

A Certified Template Designer can create themes for your Shopware shop.

  • Creating their own custom Shopware themes

  • The inheritance and block system

  • Using Twig and SASS in Shopware

  • Handling CSS and HTML

Target Group
Frontend developers
Web designers


shopware6 certified template designer adv

Shopware 6 Certified Advanced Template Designer

An Advanced Template Designer has even more Shopware skills than the Template Designer.

  • Working with JavaScript in Shopware 6 storefront

  • Using JavaScript Plugin Base and Plugin Manager

  • Debugging JavaScript plugins

  • Extending and overwriting of existing JavaScript plugins

  • Responsive JavaScript, executing Code for different viewports

Target Group
Frontend developers
Web designers


The benefits of Shopware certification

Each certificate is evidence that you have specialized Shopware knowledge and can develop innovative solutions for the software. It shows that you have worked intensively with Shopware; either creating custom themes or working with the technology behind the software.

Competitive edge

Secure your competitive edge by developing the skills you need in the ecommerce area.

Verifiable perspective

Certification is proven to pay off for developers and the companies that hire them.

Develop expertise

Shopware certifications are awarded to people with technical expertise and who demonstrate their ability to develop innovative Shopware solutions.

Opportunity boosting

Boost your opportunities and your credibility through continuous learning and knowledge building.

Career opportunities

As a certified developer you will open up your career opportunities.