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It’s time to deploy high-powered software that uses size, shape and location to differentiate your brand and build buyer trust. Shopware gives you everything you need to make it happen.

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Spatial commerce helps you tap the advantages of 3D, mixed-reality and real-time physical location

Make shopping delightful with visual and location tools

What if buyers weren’t forced to click on four images to see a product from all sides? What if product pages integrated merchandise into the real-world lives of shoppers? What if merchants had future-forward tools enabling shopping in virtual environments with next level headsets and other devices, that have not been invented yet?

Spatial commerce converts these what-ifs into tangible opportunities to create unforgettable shopping journeys. All this (and much more) flows from the power of 3D imaging, mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, and mixed-reality tools that augment existing environments.

As a Shopware merchant, you’ll finally have the visual and spatial tools you need to captivate your shoppers and outflank your competitors.

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Why the future of commerce is spatial

2D is done. Today’s best shopping experiences show merchandise from every angle and do everything short of placing the product in your customers’ hands. Imagine you’re selling mountain bikes and being able to show every model digitally from every angle. Customers on your website and mobile apps can swap out tires and discover their favorite color combinations.

They can share these configurations with their friends and take their bikes for rides in online video games that give discounts to top scorers. Mixed-reality tools let you enhance images with messaging images that advances the buyer journey in phones, PCs and virtual-reality headsets. You also can add a shopping portal in your store to show everything possible beyond your showroom floor.

Or, perhaps you’re a B2B merchant. You can use 3D images to show complex machinery with extreme precision. And you can fold in tools to support buyers by sending them service updates and maintenance reminders.

Shopware gives midmarket merchants the power to do all this and much more — gaining capabilities once reserved for ecommerce titans.

Stefan Hamann

"A critical mass is coming together around spatial commerce. First of all, it creates a much better picture of a company and its products. Second, we expect much lower return rates, which has a strong effect on sustainability. Finally, spatial gives brands differentiation in a time when price and product availability don’t always set merchants apart. Ultimately, it’s all about how you can make ecommerce more interesting, more compelling, more human."

Stefan Hamann

Shopware Co-CEO

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AR Fashion - Shopware & Rooom

Shopware & Rooom

Spatial commerce in action

Shopware’s global community of developers and partners can help you explore the boundless possibilities of spatial commerce.

Rooom, one of Shopware’s most advanced spatial-commerce partners, illustrates how this community drives value for our merchants. The most basic Rooom capability uses an AI layer to convert a handful of photos into a single 3D image you can easily insert into a product page. Shoppers visiting the page online or in a mobile app can click on the image, turn it in all directions and zoom in on key details.

This alone can clearly differentiate you from competitors relying on two-dimensional images. But Rooom does much more.

For instance, Rooom’s technology can create an in-store portal that lets you connect your showroom inventory with all possible product combinations, with variations in colors, accessories, attachments, and so on. Rooom gives midmarket merchants an easy-to-use solution that rivals the capabilities of global ecommerce enterprises — all through an extension to the Shopware platform.

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License information: The used 3d model is based on "Mountain bike" by Niilo Poutanen licensed under CC-BY-4.0.