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Spatial commerce helps you tap the advantages of 3D, mixed-reality and real-time physical location

Make shopping delightful with visual and location tools

What if buyers weren’t forced to click on four images to see a product from all sides? What if product pages integrated merchandise into the real-world lives of shoppers? What if merchants had future-forward tools enabling shopping in virtual environments with next level headsets and other devices, that have not been invented yet?

Spatial commerce converts these what-ifs into tangible opportunities to create unforgettable shopping journeys. All this (and much more) flows from the power of 3D imaging, mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, and mixed-reality tools that augment existing environments.

As a Shopware merchant, you’ll finally have the visual and spatial tools you need to captivate your shoppers and outflank your competitors.

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Why the future of commerce is spatial

2D is done. Today’s best shopping experiences show merchandise from every angle and do everything short of placing the product in your customers’ hands. Imagine you’re selling mountain bikes and being able to show every model digitally from every angle. Customers on your website and mobile apps can swap out tires and discover their favorite color combinations.

They can share these configurations with their friends and take their bikes for rides in online video games that give discounts to top scorers. Mixed-reality tools let you enhance images with messaging images that advances the buyer journey in phones, PCs and virtual-reality headsets. You also can add a shopping portal in your store to show everything possible beyond your showroom floor.

Or, perhaps you’re a B2B merchant. You can use 3D images to show complex machinery with extreme precision. And you can fold in tools to support buyers by sending them service updates and maintenance reminders.

Shopware gives midmarket merchants the power to do all this and much more — gaining capabilities once reserved for ecommerce titans.

Spatial commerce unlocks your potential

Ecommerce innovation for all industries

In this groundbreaking era of ecommerce, Spatial Commerce is revolutionizing the way we shop for furniture, fashion, B2B products, electronics, appliances, health, and beauty. Immerse yourself into a virtual space where precision, personalization, and innovation are redefining the boundaries of online retail. Uncover the limitless potential to transform the ecommerce landscape and enhance the customer experience in these dynamic industries. Embark on Shopware's spatial commerce journey into the future, where we are pioneering the transformation of these cross-industry spatial commerce potentials into realities.

Furniture and home décor

Step into the future of furniture and home décor shopping with Spatial Commerce. Transform the way customers experience your products in your online store and push the boundaries of traditional browsing. Empower them to redesign their living spaces with just a few clicks while removing all guesswork from the customer journey.

Imagine offering shoppers the ability to effortlessly experiment with a variety of furniture styles and color palettes, all from the comfort of their device. By integrating AR and 3D technology into your online store, you enable them to project any product instantly into their actual living space. Provide the tools to explore layout options, fine-tune color combinations, and observe the interplay of natural light on furniture throughout the day. By embracing this new level of precision, you help eliminate their uncertainty and enable unprecedented design freedom. Welcome to the future of online furniture retailing, where every customer's home is uniquely designed by themselves.


Transform the online clothing shopping experience by addressing customers' usual challenges and uncertainties when buying clothes online. Leverage groundbreaking AR technology that enables a seamless virtual try-on experience. Present your customers with a diverse collection of styles instantly, all from the comfort of their own space.

But it doesn't stop there. The standard is revolutionized by enhancing precision in body measurements, starting with the crucial elements of shoe and eyewear fitting. Customers can simply use their smartphone to perform accurate scans of their feet and virtually test different eyewear frames. This innovation ensures that shoes and eyewear are not only visually appealing but also fit their unique measurements perfectly, eliminating all guesswork for your customers while decreasing your return rates. Welcome to a new era of online shopping where accuracy of fit and simplicity are paramount.


In the realm of B2B, Spatial Commerce is reshaping the way complex products are presented and configured. Immersive 3D visualizations and advanced customization tools allow shoppers to engage with and personalize complex offerings effortlessly. By utilizing virtual showrooms, collaborative design, augmented reality maintenance, and data visualization, you enhance your customers' experience.

Innovative configurator tools streamline the ordering process, while seamless ecommerce integration ensures a smooth product selection experience. Beyond this, Spatial Commerce is an invaluable ally in facilitating remote customer support, invigorating trade show presentations, and optimizing supply chain operations.

Enter a new era of B2B commerce, where customer loyalty, efficiency, and an in-depth product understanding build the foundation of your business relationships.

Electronics and appliances

Transform the shopping experience in your online store by enabling your customers to place electronics and appliances in their living room virtually. This allows them to see how the product will fit into their home before they even make a purchase. They can get accurate measurements, ensure that the product will blend seamlessly with their décor, and be confident that it will enhance their living space. This not only reduces returns due to compatibility or aesthetic issues but also increases customer satisfaction with every transaction. Experience a new, smarter way of ecommerce where precision and style go hand-in-hand, redefining your customers' shopping experience.

Beauty and grooming products

Enhance your cosmetics and skincare online store with Spatial Commerce and revolutionize your digital retail presence. Leverage easy-to-use AR technology to create an immersive virtual beauty boutique. Customers will enjoy the ease of trying on a variety of makeup essentials such as lipsticks, eyeshadows, and foundations. They'll see in real-time how each product perfectly complements their individual features, enhancing not only their shopping experience but also their confidence in choosing shades and styles that truly reflect their unique style.

Integrating spatial commerce tools revolutionizes the traditional health and beauty shopping process and transforms it into a personalized, interactive journey. Invite your customers into a captivating, engaging shopping environment that makes every visit to your store not just a transaction but a unique, enjoyable experience.

Stefan Hamann

A critical mass is coming together around spatial commerce. First of all, it creates a much better picture of a company and its products. Second, we expect much lower return rates, which has a strong effect on sustainability. Finally, spatial gives brands differentiation in a time when price and product availability don’t always set merchants apart. Ultimately, it’s all about how you can make ecommerce more interesting, more compelling, more human.

Stefan Hamann

Shopware Co-CEO

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AR Fashion - Shopware & Rooom

Shopware & Rooom

Spatial commerce in action

Shopware’s global community of developers and partners can help you explore the boundless possibilities of spatial commerce.

Rooom, one of Shopware’s most advanced spatial-commerce partners, illustrates how this community drives value for our merchants. The most basic Rooom capability uses an AI layer to convert a handful of photos into a single 3D image you can easily insert into a product page. Shoppers visiting the page online or in a mobile app can click on the image, turn it in all directions and zoom in on key details.

This alone can clearly differentiate you from competitors relying on two-dimensional images. But Rooom does much more.

For instance, Rooom’s technology can create an in-store portal that lets you connect your showroom inventory with all possible product combinations, with variations in colors, accessories, attachments, and so on. Rooom gives midmarket merchants an easy-to-use solution that rivals the capabilities of global ecommerce enterprises — all through an extension to the Shopware platform.

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License information: The used 3d model is based on "Mountain bike" by Niilo Poutanen licensed under CC-BY-4.0.