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Shopware news

The blog is your one-stop for getting insight into the Shopware universe, news about our products, updates for developers, and tips and tricks for online merchants and anyone passionate about ecommerce.

developer insighs 28.01.2021

Writing unit tests with Jest

You should always write a unit test for any function change. It guarantees that your written code works and that a third party developer does not destroy the functionality with his code in the future. Having good test coverage means we can be confident that we can deploy stable software without...

developer insights 09.12.2020

Shopware Community Spotlight #05

The Shopware Spotlight is a collection of resources dedicated to Shopware development and related topics. Here you'll find opinions and recommendations from the Shopware community, various How-Tos, blog posts, and event announcements.

developer insights 28.10.2020

B2B the hybrid plugin

Recently we launched the nearly feature-complete version of the B2B-Suite. Hence, in this article, we want to take a look at the changes which were made to support Shopware 6. Thereby we want to focus on the breaking changes and the resulting changes for plugin developers

Developer insights 15.10.2020

Shopware Boost Day #02 - The recap

The second Shopware Boost Day took place on September 17th, 2020. And it was awesome. To be more specific, the community was awesome - as always. Although there were issues with the ticket grooming during our preparation, you managed to create a total of 44 pull requests!


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