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Magento 1 end of life – what’s next?

To be able to offer a secure service in the future, it’s high time for an alternative ecommerce solution. Achieve a successful migration from Magento to Shopware 6 with our support.

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Time is running out ...

Online retailers currently using Magento 1 are running out of time because its support expired in June 2020. This means that the software manufacturer no longer fixes any security vulnerabilities that may arise, and the technology is not developed further. However, this is important for the use of payment services and compliance with data protection guidelines, among other things. These and other factors are making a switch more and more inevitable.

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Find a secure home with Shopware

With Shopware you not only get a sustainable and future-proof system. You also get flexibility. We have the right solution for every business model. This way, you can grow without anything stopping you and continue to develop both your ecommerce and your platform.

We developed Shopware’s administration in partnership with retailers to make it easy for shop operators to navigate. And if you prefer to have the support of an agency, you can quickly find the right kind of support in our network of over 1,200 partners.

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Shape Magento Whitepaper

Migration Whitepaper

Do you operate a Magento 1 shop and are unsure about the future of the platform? Our whitepaper helps you answer any open questions and uncertainties. We also explain with the help of a checklist how you can prepare for a migration step by step.

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Magento Migration Assistant
Magento migration assistant

Magento Migration Assistant

Innovative and future-oriented technologies form the basis of a successful digital business model. And right now, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable shop system that’s easy to use, includes the latest features, and is regularly updated. With our Migration Assistant and the right preparation, nothing stands in the way of growing your business with a provider you can trust.

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Before and after the migration: we’re here for you!

With our migration wizard, we not only make the migration as easy and convenient as possible for you. We’re also here for you after the migration. But we’re not the only ones you can count on. As an open source platform, we involve our passionate community of shop operators, developers and partners on a daily basis:


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Dive into the world of Shopware – with Jisse Reitsma

Jisse Reitsma explains the differences between Shopware and Magento. Agencies and developers alike (frontend and backend) can find answers to all their important questions in our comprehensive training videos. Watch our videos for free – no prior Shopware knowledge required.

Sometimes it's time for a change

There are many reasons for changing a shop system – strategic decisions to facilitate growth, improve usability, meet new shopping expectations. Many of our customers have already successfully migrated from Magento to Shopware and put their strategies into action.

Wouter den Otter

»We compared Magento 1 and 2, Shopware, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce. Especially with regard to the TCO, Shopware emerges as the clear winner. Shopware is more affordable than Magento 2 and proves a good option for merchants who currently operate their shop with Magento 1 and want to take the next step.«

Wouter den Otter, Managing Director Support Desk