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Shopware Roadmap

With openness as one of our core values, we will always provide you with a transparent overview of our product development. The Shopware Roadmap shows you what we are working on, what we want to tackle next, and what visions we have for the future.

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Community Edition

The roadmap is the basis for every Shopware edition. It shows you what we are currently working on for the Shopware 6 Community Edition. Note: See below to get an impression of what we will be adding to the commercial editions.
  • AppSystem - CMS Elements
    AppSystem - CMS Elements

    One of the key features of Shopware are the Shopping Experiences. As we already have a lot of great plugins these, we also want to enable app developers to extend the CMS. Therefor it will be possible for apps to bring their own custom elements to the Shopping Experiences.

    Community Edition 0%
  • AppSystem - Custom fields improvements
    AppSystem - Custom fields improvements

    Custom fields are a great feature to extend the administration with an app. To give our developer community even more possibilities, we will add further entities to be extended by custom fields.

    Also it will be possible to add a "Global" flag to the custom field sets, to guarantee that the fields added by an app aren't deleted on specific datasets by the merchant.

    Community Edition
  • Bulk Edit for Customers and Documents
    Bulk Edit for Customers and Documents

    As a further development of the initial integration of bulk edit, merchants will have the option of using bulk edit for the customer module. In addition, the sending of order status emails will be further optimised. It will be possible to generate and download documents and send them directly via status mail.

    Community Edition 26%
  • Import Export Improvements
    Import Export Improvements

    The import and export was closely tied to shopware's internal data structure. In this step we will remove the dependency on internal identifies like UUIDs and lay the base to enable merchants to import their data into shopware according to their needs and use cases.


    Community Edition 50%
  • Improve orders UX in Administration
    Improve orders UX in Administration

    The order module is one of the most important modules for the merchants. By reworking the user interface and the usability, we want to ensure that the whole process of handling orders will get more convenient and a lot easier. 

    We will achieve this by restructuring tabs & cards and simplify working with the order states.

    Community Edition 24%

Next: This comes in the next term

We schedule new features in a 4-month cycle, which we call a term at Shopware. Here you will find all the features that we have already planned for the following term. So you can be sure: What is listed here, we will definitely tackle soon.

  • AppSystem - Custom entities
    AppSystem - Custom entities

    To further improve the AppSystem, apps will have the possibility to add their own entity types. Each entity type will have an own module in the menu, with a listing and detail pages.

    Community Edition
  • Easy Products Creation
    Easy Products Creation

    When creating new products, some fields currently have to be filled in that are not always necessary. The creation of new products via the administration should be made easier for new merchants through a reduction of mandatory fields and the expansion of standard values.

    Community Edition

Future: What comes after

Here you can see features that we want to implement in the foreseeable future, but have not yet scheduled specifically. While it's unlikely that these features will be worked on in the next four months, they are already on our radar.

  • Buttons as CMS element
    Buttons as CMS element

    To further improve the usability of the CMS, we will add a new element to the shopping experiences which will simplify adding buttons to your layout.

    Community Edition
  • Configurable robots.txt
    Configurable robots.txt

    As a shop owner I want to customize a robots.txt for my sales channels to be able to exclude routes from the indexing. Shopware 6 is currently missing a robots.txt.

    Community Edition
  • Documentation in the administration
    Documentation in the administration

    When working with the administration it's always difficult to find the right documentation article that covers the questions that might arise. This epic will introduce a functionality that makes it possible to get the the documentation of a module displayed directly in the administration. It will surely help fo clarify questions directly without searching in the online documentation.

    Community Edition
  • Global Visible Product Discounts
    Global Visible Product Discounts

    At the moment, discounts only become clear in the shopping basket. In the future, discounts will be displayed on every product to make the customer aware of the discount even before the cart is opened.

    Community Edition
  • Improve Checkout and Registration
    Improve Checkout and Registration

    The storefront registration should increase the conversion rate. Therefore it needs to be improved.

    Community Edition
  • Improve delivery time
    Improve delivery time

    It's quite useful to display delivery times in the storefront. The difference between preparation time and shipping time is not clear in the storefront yet. With this epic we want to improve the delivery times.

    Community Edition
  • Order Status per line / Partial Cancellation
    Order Status per line / Partial Cancellation

    Every shop owner has to deal with returns and cancellations. Currently one needs to cancel the whole order and partial cancellations are not possible. With this epic we want to introduce a workflow on how to create partial cancellations in shopware.

    Community Edition
  • Private Apps
    Private Apps

    With the Shopware App Store, you can already bring new functionalities and integrations to your cloud shop. Private Apps will additionally allow you to upload apps directly to your shop. This will not only allow for e.g. template modifications by the merchant but also for more complex customizations by e.g. shopware partners

    Community Edition
  • Property Sets
    Property Sets

    Individual product properties can be further grouped into sets to make it easier to create and assign properties to a product. In this way, similar property values can be distinguished more clearly from each other.

    Community Edition
  • Storefront: Support multiple deliveries
    Storefront: Support multiple deliveries

    A common functionality in online shops is an option that allows the customer to split an order into multiple deliveries, for example when a product is not in stock, and the rest of the order is ready to ship. We want to introduce a setup that allows the customer to split the orders based on the delivery times to get their packages earlier.

    Community Edition
  • Tax Calculation of Vouchers
    Tax Calculation of Vouchers

    When working with vouchers there are many different regulations that also are depending on the country the voucher is used in. To maximize the possible configurations it is necessary to assign taxes to vouchers.

    Community Edition
  • Cloud-Shop creation modal for different plans
    Cloud-Shop creation modal for different plans

    As a customer, I would like to start my testimonials with a booked plan so that I can use from the beginning all professional features.