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Shopware Roadmap

With openness as one of our core values, we will always provide you with a transparent overview of our product development. The Shopware Roadmap shows you what we are working on, what we want to tackle next, and what visions we have for the future.

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Community Edition

The roadmap is the basis for every Shopware edition. It shows you what we are currently working on for the Shopware 6 Community Edition. Note: See below to get an impression of what we will be adding to the commercial editions.
  • Accessible adding of new Sales Channels
    Accessible adding of new Sales Channels

    Adding Sales Channels will be more cleaned up with a clear UI/UX, making it merchants more easy to grasp and to ensure scalability for the future of Sales Channels.

    Community Edition 0%
  • Admin extensions API
    Admin extensions API

    Currently the extension system of the Shopware Administration is based on Vue.js and Twig.js in combination. 3rd party developer can use twig.js block system to hook into every part of the administration. This technology offers a lot of downsides for Shopware as we are not able update and optimize our admin as fast as we would like to. Nearly every change of our ui components can break 3rd party extensions.

    With this epic we want to introduce a new way of extending Shopware Administration via declarative javascript, easy to learn and use and working the same way for self-hosted or cloud extensions: the extension api.

    Developers should rely on our extension api methods to extend the administration and do not need to take care of templating, block overriding and further things. They just can trust the methods to extend the administration as Shopware can maintain the components, make changes to templates, add features and so on without breaking the code.

    Our long term goal is to offer a complete extension api which offers all devs the freedom to extend the admin to their needs without the downsides of template and block overrides.

    Community Edition 46%
  • Admin search improvements
    Admin search improvements

    The admin search is an important tool for merchant in his daily doing. He should easily find what he is looking for and shouldn't be bothered with unnecessary information. Therefor he should be able define what he wants to search for. Also his settings and behaviour should be saved to the database, so that every admin user has his own preferences.

    Community Edition 74%
  • Allow additional entities for import and export II
    Allow additional entities for import and export II

    We will add the possibilite for more profiles / entities for import and export:

    • Advanced Prices
    • Text-Snippets
    • Tags and its relations
    • Order Line Items
    Community Edition
  • AppScripting

    With AppScripting we want to enable developers to create more powerful apps. We will define certain extension points, where you can manipulate Shopware entities with a limited scripting syntax. This will allow for apps that synchronously change the cart in order to e.g. implement some sorts of special discounts.

    Community Edition 84%
  • AppSystem - Custom fields improvements
    AppSystem - Custom fields improvements

    Custom fields are a great feature to extend the administration with an app. To give our developer community even more possibilities, we will add further entities to be extended by custom fields.

    Also it will be possible to add a "Global" flag to the custom field sets, to guarantee that the fields added by an app aren't deleted on specific datasets by the merchant.

    Community Edition
  • Asynchronous payment flow with reference
    Asynchronous payment flow with reference

    With a new API-first approach, we are adding another asynchronous option to the already existing payment flows. With this, we enable client applications to initialise and execute payments themselves and to synchronise them with Shopware at a later point in the ordering process.

    Community Edition 37%
  • Automatic change of shipping & payment method
    Automatic change of shipping & payment method

    When a shipping or payment method isn’t avaliable anymore, the shop will change to the next available one without any user interaction.

    Community Edition 0%
  • Basic Flow Builder and App System integration
    Basic Flow Builder and App System integration

    Apps can add Actions to the Flow Builder

    Community Edition 2%
  • Better Rule Builder condition naming
    Better Rule Builder condition naming

    The available conditions in the Rule Builder will continuously grow in the next iterations. With this step we will provide a more straightforward interface, which will help merchants to build the right rule

    Community Edition 25%
  • Bulk Edit Order Status Mapping
    Bulk Edit Order Status Mapping

    In order to change the status of more orders that have different initial statuses, several target statuses can be defined directly via a status mapping. In this way, several orders status updates can be processed in one step with a bulk edit.

    Community Edition 0%
  • Bulk Edit for Customers and Documents
    Bulk Edit for Customers and Documents

    As a further development of the initial integration of bulk edit, merchants will have the option of using bulk edit for the customer module. In addition, the sending of order status emails will be further optimised. It will be possible to generate and download documents and send them directly via status mail.

    Community Edition 61%
  • Bulk Edit for Variants
    Bulk Edit for Variants

    Variants of a product can be edited via bulk edit. New filters in the variant overview also allow that only defined variant groups can be marked for a bulk edit. This can save a lot of time when editing a large number of variants.

    Community Edition 0%
  • Easy Products Creation
    Easy Products Creation

    When creating new products, some fields currently have to be filled in that are not always necessary. The creation of new products via the administration should be made easier for new merchants through a reduction of mandatory fields and the expansion of standard values.

    Community Edition 65%
  • Error handling for shopping experiences
    Error handling for shopping experiences

    Merchants will be able to save layouts with placeholder elements and get visual feedback on why a layout cannot be saved. Missing entries will get marked in the layout as well as in the element settings so that they can be easily corrected.

    Community Edition 0%
  • Extended functions for import-export profiles
    Extended functions for import-export profiles

    The Import-Export profiles help merchants to handle regular data transfers. We will add additional functions to enable merchants to create and use profiles more safely and efficiently.

    Community Edition 100%
  • Extending Rule Builder assignments
    Extending Rule Builder assignments

    The overview in the Rule assignment tabs provide a basic functionality right now. With this feature we will extend the functionality here to enable merchants to better organize and manage their rule assignments.

    Community Edition 90%
  • Flow Builder Launch
    Flow Builder Launch

    The no-code Flow Builder facilitates our merchants to automate and easily adapt their business processes without programming knowledge. Our solution enables our merchants to capitalize on arising opportunities they had to pass on before and in general enables them to operate more resource-efficient through automation.

    Community Edition
  • Handling and Sorting of Sales Channels
    Handling and Sorting of Sales Channels

    This will enable merchants to organize their Sales Channels by sorting and marking them as favourites.

    Community Edition 66%
  • Import Export Improvements
    Import Export Improvements

    The import and export was closely tied to shopware's internal data structure. In this step we will remove the dependency on internal identifies like UUIDs and lay the base to enable merchants to import their data into shopware according to their needs and use cases.


    Community Edition 68%
  • Improve internal and external linking
    Improve internal and external linking

    This will enable merchants to choose either to link to a category page, an external URL or to a landing page. With the help of a more visual selection, it will be more accessible to link to internal pages.

    Community Edition
  • Improve orders UX in Administration
    Improve orders UX in Administration

    The order module is one of the most important modules for the merchants. By reworking the user interface and the usability, we want to ensure that the whole process of handling orders will get more convenient and a lot easier. 

    We will achieve this by restructuring tabs & cards and simplify working with the order states.

    Community Edition 37%
  • More conditions for Rule Builder and Dynamic Product Groups
    More conditions for Rule Builder and Dynamic Product Groups

    We will continuously add new conditions to the Rule Builder. This includes conditions for promotions and discounts, better query the shopping cart composition, international post codes and relative time ranges.

    Community Edition
  • Optimise Dashboard statistics
    Optimise Dashboard statistics

    Small improvements for the statistic module on the dashboard. We will show only paid orders and provide the possibility to select the date range for the dashboard Statistics.

    Community Edition 100%
  • Property Sets
    Property Sets

    Individual product properties can be further grouped into sets to make it easier to create and assign properties to a product. In this way, similar property values can be distinguished more clearly from each other.

    Community Edition 0%

Next: This comes in the next term

We schedule new features in a 4-month cycle, which we call a term at Shopware. Here you will find all the features that we have already planned for the following term. So you can be sure: What is listed here, we will definitely tackle soon.

  • Basic Tag Administration
    Basic Tag Administration

    Currently shopware offers a flexible tag engine. With this feature, we will enable merchants to be able to remove and edit tags by providing a basic administration interface.

    Community Edition
  • Delayed flow actions
    Delayed flow actions

    The Flow Builder is able to delay flow sequences for later execution, so that you are able to define follow-up actions after an event has been triggered.

    Community Edition
  • Global Visible Product Discounts
    Global Visible Product Discounts

    At the moment, discounts only become clear in the shopping basket. In the future, discounts will be displayed on every product to make the customer aware of the discount even before the cart is opened.

    Community Edition
  • Log capabilites for the Flow Builder
  • Main variant visualisation
    Main variant visualisation

    Variants in Shopware 6 work completely differently than in Shopware 5. In Shopware 6 everything is a variant and there is no longer a master product. In listings, however, it can be useful to display information such as a description or a generic image that cannot be assigned to a specific variant. Through this, we want to allow the merchant to display other information in the listing that describes the generic product in its entirely without referring to specific variants.

    Community Edition
  • Move elements within blocks
    Move elements within blocks

    Merchants will be able to enter custom font sizes and the element options will get enhanced by a swap functionality, so one can swap elements within one block.

    Community Edition
  • Promotion actions for the Flow Builder
    Promotion actions for the Flow Builder

    The Flow Builder will be able to interact with shopware’s promotion & marketing functionalities.

    Community Edition
  • Reusable blocks
    Reusable blocks

    Merchants will be able to save a custom configured block to reuse it in different layouts or positions. This includes all of the content and the made block and element configurations.

    Community Edition
  • Rework Documents
    Rework Documents

    Shopware provides templates for many essential business documents, such as invoices, delivery notes or credit notes. These are updated and undergo some detail improvements.

    Community Edition
  • Rule Builder Preview
    Rule Builder Preview

    Building a Rule is a complex and difficult task. So is checking if a Rule is working as intended. We will add a tool, which helps merchants to test a Rule before actually applying it.

    Community Edition
  • Seamless Integration of Product Videos
    Seamless Integration of Product Videos

    Merchants will have a simple and intuitive way to upload product videos for the product detail page.

    Community Edition
  • Spacing options for blocks and elements
    Spacing options for blocks and elements

    In order to create better customer experiences, the element and block settings will be enhanced. Merchants will be able to configure inner and outer spacing on block and element levels in order to individualize blocks. In order to be able to create a neat design, it will be possible to display the layout grid as visual guidance.

    Community Edition

Future: What comes after

Here you can see features that we want to implement in the foreseeable future, but have not yet scheduled specifically. While it's unlikely that these features will be worked on in the next four months, they are already on our radar.

  • Additional Product Ressources and Downloads
    Additional Product Ressources and Downloads

    Additional files or information can be added to a product. For example, operating instructions and other attachments can be easily offered for download on the product detail page.

    Community Edition
  • Address configurations for brands
    Address configurations for brands

    Merchants will be able to set a different business address for each Sales Channel. It will be possible to manage the address in the Sales Channels area.

    Community Edition
  • Admin: Support multiple deliveries
    Admin: Support multiple deliveries

    When working with orders it's quite common that some orders will be shipped in different packages, therefore an order can have multiple deliveries. We want to make sure, that shop owners can set up multiple deliveries for their orders in the administration and maintain them.

    Community Edition
  • AppSystem - CMS Elements
    AppSystem - CMS Elements

    One of the key features of Shopware are the Shopping Experiences. As we already have a lot of great plugins these, we also want to enable app developers to extend the CMS. Therefor it will be possible for apps to bring their own custom elements to the Shopping Experiences.

    Community Edition
  • Automate Review approval process
    Automate Review approval process

    In order to automate the approval, merchants can define in which situations a review should be automatically approved via the flow builder (e.g. if the rating is better than 3 stars).

    Community Edition
  • Blog - Iteration 01
    Blog - Iteration 01

    Merchants will be able to enhance their shops with functionalities like commenting, dynamic content etc.

    Community Edition
  • Brand handling in Sales Channels
    Brand handling in Sales Channels

    Merchants will be able to manage their brands with Sales Channels easily. It will be possible to manage the settings of a brand in one place. This will be its first iteration of the new brand handling.

    Community Edition
  • Buttons as CMS element
    Buttons as CMS element

    To further improve the usability of the CMS, we will add a new element to the shopping experiences which will simplify adding buttons to your layout.

    Community Edition
  • Configurable robots.txt
    Configurable robots.txt

    As a shop owner I want to customize a robots.txt for my sales channels to be able to exclude routes from the indexing. Shopware 6 is currently missing a robots.txt.

    Community Edition
  • Guest session reviews
    Guest session reviews

    Every shop customer will be able to write a product review, whether they have an account or not, in order to minimise the hurdle of writing a review. Therefore spam protection will be built-in. Of course, Merchants can decide whether a review can be written without a user account, anonymously or only logged in.

    Community Edition
  • Improve Checkout and Registration
    Improve Checkout and Registration

    The storefront registration should increase the conversion rate. Therefore it needs to be improved.

    Community Edition
  • Improve delivery time
    Improve delivery time

    It's quite useful to display delivery times in the storefront. The difference between preparation time and shipping time is not clear in the storefront yet. With this epic we want to improve the delivery times.

    Community Edition
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