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Shopware Roadmap

With openness as one of our core values, we will always provide you with a transparent overview of our product development. The Shopware Roadmap shows you what we are working on, what we want to tackle next, and what visions we have for the future.


The platform roadmap is the basis for every Shopware edition. It shows you what we are currently working on for the Shopware 6 Community Edition. Note: See below to get an impression of what we will be adding to the commercial editions.

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  • Assignement of layouts in pagebuilder
    Assignement of layouts in pagebuilder

    Make ist possible to quickly assign layouts to multiple categories (or products) directly in the pagebuilder. 


    Platform 82%
  • CMS - Product Page Layouts
    CMS - Product Page Layouts

    As a shop owner I want to create layouts for detail pages and place addional banners, sliders and texts in those layouts.

    Platform 66%
  • Canonical URL Handling for Products
    Canonical URL Handling for Products

    As a shop owner I want to define whether a product should have different canonicals for each variants or the same.

    Platform 12%
  • Create Rules with Property Label
    Create Rules with Property Label

    As a merchant I want to create rules for a certain key and value (e.g. used=1) in the rule builder. Currently only the values ("1" in this example) are available for selection which makes it hard to pick the right value.

    Platform 78%
  • Custom Search Index & Ranking
    Custom Search Index & Ranking

    As a shop owner I want to customize the search results with settings based on the attributes of each entity (e.g. prioritize the description of products) and I want to add fields to the search index, because they are important for my catalogue

  • Customer Scope
    Customer Scope

    A user can register separately with one email address in several sales channels.

  • Cypress Major Upgrade (v6.0.0)
    Cypress Major Upgrade (v6.0.0)

    Cypress hat heute eine neue Major Version mit interessanten Features veröffentlicht - [Migration Guide|https://docs.cypress.io/guides/references/migration-guide.html#Migrating-to-Cypress-6-0]. Wir sollten sobald es geht nachziehen - müssen aber auf Kompatibilität achten.

  • Define Products per Page in Listings
    Define Products per Page in Listings

    The number of products displayed on each page of a category or search, in the storefront can be configured.

  • Delete Customer GDPR-compliant
    Delete Customer GDPR-compliant

    As a customer I am able to delete my customer account directly via the storefront.

  • Elasticsearch Improvements
    Elasticsearch Improvements

    Bugfixing, performance optimization and improvement of the elastic search integration.

  • Entity Lookup as Custom Field Type
    Entity Lookup as Custom Field Type

    As a shop owner I want to link other entities in the custom fields. Currently no entity selection is implemented.

  • Filter-Settings per Category
    Filter-Settings per Category

    As shop owner I want to customize the available filters for every category

    Platform 59%
  • Hide category settings for structuring elements
    Hide category settings for structuring elements

    If a structural element is created in the category module, no products may be assigned here. Neither via dynamic product groups nor via manual assignment. Also the product mask, the structure category must not appear.

    Hidden elements should be: Complete card Product Assignment Complete map SEO Canonical URLs Layout Assignment

  • Improve Cache, HTTP-Cache and Performance
    Improve Cache, HTTP-Cache and Performance

    Bugfixing, performance optimization and improvement of the HTTP cache

  • Improve promotions UX
    Improve promotions UX

    The promotions feature already gives a wide range of possibilities to set different kinds of discounts, might it be on single products, groups of products or shipping, on base of target groups or shopping carts or a lot more specifications. But due to the highly flexibility of the feature, it's not that easy to find the perfect settings.

    Therefor we gonna simplify the whole process of setting a discount. With the help of a wizard with predefined typical promotions (e.g. "Buy x, get y free") it will be much easier and faster to set up promotions.

  • List Price per Price Rule
    List Price per Price Rule

    As a shop owner I want to offer different list prices for every advaned pricing rule

    Platform 12%
  • Prevent Deletion of used Rules
    Prevent Deletion of used Rules

    As a merchant I would like to get a warning when I'm deleting an rule which is in use by other modules to prevent destroying their configuration.

    Platform 100%
  • Restore Cart
    Restore Cart

    The shopping cart of a customer should be retained over several visits and reloaded at the next login so that he can conveniently proceed shopping.

  • Restrict indexable pages
    Restrict indexable pages

    Currently the checkout and account is set to index, follow.

    This should be set instead:

    Metatag robots:

    • Account index, follow -> noindex, follow
    • Registration index, follow -> noindex, follow
    • Cart/Checkout index follow -> noindex, follow
    • Search index follow -> noindex, follow
    • /offcanvas index, follow -> noindex, follow


    • missing on category pages. This should not be the header solution.


  • Rich-Text Editor with Variables
    Rich-Text Editor with Variables

    It should be possible to insert a variable, mapped to data inside the text-editor, so it can be styled as any other text.


    "Buy two #category.name, and get the third for free!"

  • Save Cart/Product on Wishlist
    Save Cart/Product on Wishlist

    As a customer I want to save my cart or certain products "for later" and add them to wishlists.

    Platform 84%
  • Sort Variants when created
    Sort Variants when created

    The manual sorting of properties is not taken into account when generating variants or inside the property tab.

  • Tax calculations for internationalization
    Tax calculations for internationalization

    It should be possible to decide whether the dynamic or a fixed calculation on discounts, shipping costs and surcharges is needed.


    • auto calculation (as it is now)
    • highest tax
    • tax collection e.g. 19%
  • Vat handling for companies
    Vat handling for companies

    When registering as a customer I want to add my vat-id in the checkout and see net prices. When creating invoices this needs to be considered as well

    Platform 69%
  • Adjust PayPal Plus to core in case of errors
    Adjust PayPal Plus to core in case of errors
    • due to the special workflow of Plus, we have an own finalize controller.
    • with Shopware the payment workflow was improved
    • we should adjust the workflow in Plus to have the same UX as the core
      • do not link to the finish page, but the order/edit page instead
      • differ between cancelled payment and error during payment process
    PayPal Integration
  • Webhook debug information is confusing
    Webhook debug information is confusing

    Paypal sends many webhooks, but the PayPal plugins handles only a few of them. right now, a message is written to the log, if the webhook has no handler. it looks like this:

     swag_paypal.ERROR: [PayPal Webhook] The specified event-type does not exist.

    this confuses many shop owners, as they think there was something wrong.

    Rewrite the message and log it as INFO

    PayPal Integration
  • Migration SW 6 cloud to local
    Migration SW 6 cloud to local

    The migration assistant already helps store owners to migrate their products, orders, customers and much more from a Magento or SW 5 store to SW 6. But if someone wants to switch to our cloud solution, he doesn't have the possibility to do so. And vice versa, if a SW 6 cloud shop has growing requirements e.g. to individualize the shop, it's not possible to switch to a self-hosted SW 6 solution so easy.

    Therefor the migration assistant gets updated with the possibility to migrate between a self-hosted SW 6 solution and the SW 6 cloud solution and vice versa.


    Migration Assistant 11%

Starter Edition

The youngest member of the Shopware family is constantly being developed and updated. Here you can find out what we are currently developing specifically for our entry-level ecommerce solution based on the Shopware Cloud.

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  • January
  • February
  • March
  • App System in Shopware Platform
    App System in Shopware Platform

    With the new App System it is possible to develop extensions for Shopware Cloud and Shopware self-hosted. Actually an additional plugin has to be installed in the self-hosted version to use the App System, which is not convenient for self-hosted merchants. This is why the App System will get a part of the platform like the plugin system so it will be available out of the box and merchants can purchase and activate apps without the need of an additional plugin. The result is that all Shopware merchants (Cloud and self-hosted) will get the possibility to use Apps and Themes created via the App System. Extensions developers can develop the Apps and Themes in a local environment and make them available for both Cloud and self-hosted merchants.

    Starter Edition
  • AppBoost
  • AppStore Improvements
    AppStore Improvements

    We want the AppStore to be a smooth experience for our merchants. With this Epic we will improve the look and feel of the AppStore by e.g. making the app descriptions fit more consistent into the admin. Also we will fix minor bugs such as line breaks, paddings etc

    Starter Edition
  • AppSystem UI Kit
    AppSystem UI Kit

    Currently apps can integrate Iframes into the administration. Without a UI kit developers will have to take care of the styling themselves. With the UI kit we will make sure, that apps not only integrate into the admin more smoothly, but also that apps look more consistent among themselves. This will improve the overall for merchants and developers alike.

    Starter Edition
  • AppSystem: More Configuration
    AppSystem: More Configuration

    We believe that apps are an important corner stone to our merchant's success. They allow to customize the shop and bring exactly those functionalities, you need. With this Epic we will improve the technical base of our app system, so it is more convenient for our developers to provide high quality apps. This especially includes:

    • Create simple configuration forms (similar to those of the plugins) without programming
    • Notify users about cookies by simply adding them to the cookie consent tool - also without programming with the manifest.xml
    • Notify merchants about changes that should be made to the data privacy documents with a simple entry to the manifest.xml
    Starter Edition
  • Domains by Shopware
    Domains by Shopware

    Domains by Shopware will make it extremely easy for merchants to book top level domains such as "my-shop.com" or "my-shop.de". Top Level domains make a shop more trustworthy and help you to build a brand. With Domains by Shopware you no longer need to bring and connect your own domain - you can simply book a domain directly in the Shopware administration and we will take care of the rest.

    Starter Edition
  • Google Login Service
    Google Login Service

    Google Shopping allows you to connect with more customers and bring more traffic to your shop by being listed in the "Shopping" category of Google. Currently Google Shopping is only available for Shopware Cloud users. With the Google Login Service we will also be able to offer this functionality to Self-Hosted users.

    Starter Edition
  • Migration: Integrate the Shopware 6 profile
    Migration: Integrate the Shopware 6 profile

    With the Shopware 6 migration profile we will bring more flexibility to Shopware merchants: No matter if you start on Shopware Cloud or Shopware Self-Hosted; you will always be able to switch the delivery model, if you want or need to.

    Starter Edition
  • NPS for Platform
    NPS for Platform

    Shopware Cloud makes use of the NPS tool to learn, how our merchants like the product and where the product needs improvement. With this Epic we will also integrate this tool to Shopware Platform, to also learn from merchants who make use of the Shopware Self-Hosted editions

    Starter Edition
  • PayPal for SaaS
  • Private Apps
    Private Apps

    With the Shopware AppStore you can already bring new functionalities and integrations to your cloud shop. Private Apps will additionally allow you to upload apps directly to your shop. This will not only allow for e.g. template modifications by the merchant but also for more complex customizations by e.g. shopware partners

    Starter Edition
  • Shopware Themes
    Shopware Themes

    We want to enable our merchants to create shops, that stand out from the rest. As a part of this concept, we will continue to bring high quality themes to Shopware, that allow you to customize the look and feel of your shop to match your vision. With this Epic, the first themes by Shopware will be released to Shopware Cloud.

    Starter Edition
  • Simplifications

    We want to make our merchants successful. One way to do so is to make Shopware as intuitive and as easy to use as possible. With this Epic we will resolve some common paper cuts that make e.g. creating products or creating sales channel cumbersome by providing meaningful descriptions and useful default values.

    Starter Edition
  • Trial Mode 3.0
    Trial Mode 3.0

    Change the trial mode so that you can test Shopware Cloud for 14 days without registration. After that you can still continue without fixed monthly fees by using our free plan. If you decide for the advanced plan or the professional plan, you get the first month for free.

    Starter Edition
  • Trial extension
    Trial extension

    In some cases customers and partners need a trial that runs for a longer period of time. This feature will allow us to extend the trial phase of a cloud shop for a month upon personal request.

    Starter Edition

Professional Edition

Whether in the cloud or as a self-hosted version: Here you can get an overview of the upcoming features and milestones of the Professional Edition.

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  • March
  • Rules in Shopping Experiences
    Rules in Shopping Experiences
    • You can assign Rules to control the visibility of blocks in layouts
      • Your customers will see different content depending on which rules apply to their current state
    CMS Professional

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is designed for technically demanding and complex ecommerce projects. The innovations listed here will be added in the near future.

  • Planned
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  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • Store API Integration
    Store API Integration

    We will ensure that every storefront-functionality of the B2B suite is available in the Store API, so that the B2B suite can be used in headless environments.

    Enterprise B2B Suite
  • Bootstraping

    Basic Setup for a new enterprise extension including the setup for automatic testing, deployments and debug setup.

    Publisher 57%
  • Draft Mode for Shopping Experiences
    Draft Mode for Shopping Experiences

    When working with shopping experiences it is necessary to create drafts for your newly content campaigns and release them when the campaign starts. This topic will cover the content creating in a drafting mode and a preview for shopping experiences that are not live yet.

    Publisher 10%
  • Fixed Workflow for Shopping Experiences
    Fixed Workflow for Shopping Experiences

    When working with multiple users in the administration, it might be necessary to have some kind of release-workflow for new layouts and pages. With this feature we will implement a fixed workflow for shopping experiences as basic integration for the new workflow builder that will follow. This basic integration can later be used for several other entities like products, categories and so on.

  • Workflow Builder for Shopping Experiences
    Workflow Builder for Shopping Experiences

    When working with multiple users in the administration it's quite common to have some workflows that are based on your business. Shopware needs to be able to adapt these workflows to make it easiert to integrate it in existing workflows. With the workflow builder you will be able to create own workflows in the administration, create own status and limit the transitions between the status to certain users. This will make it easier for you to define your own release workflow for shopping experiences.