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Editions and Prices

The ideal solution for your ecommerce projects: Whether you are looking for a quick and easy way to start your ecommerce business, or have a comprehensive project with highly demanding requirements – Shopware offers suitable solutions for merchants at every step of the way and guarantees seamless growth opportunities.

Starter Edition

The quick and easy solution to start your online business today, for ecommerce newcomers and ambitious startups. No monthly fee.

From €0.00* per month


  • Start risk-free with no minimum contract period — monthly cancellation

  • No initial setup costs

  • "All-round carefree package"

  • Quick setup for your online store

  • In compliance with GDPR & legally secure

  • No prior technical knowledge required

  • Unlimited number of products and orders for your store

Features & Extensions

  • Including your unique shop URL or use your existing domain

  • Integrated marketing & SEO tools

  • Seamless connection to other sales channels such as Google Shopping & social networks

  • Integration of payment and shipping providers

  • Countless extensions in the Shopware store to customise your business

  • Automate your business operations with the Flow BuilderCustomise and automate complex business procedures with the most intuitive no-code interface. Save time and resources by implementing effective workflows. Benefit from faster reaction times, more flexibility and more control over your business operations.
    NB: Webhooks (the data transmission to API-based third-party systems) are only included in the Professional and Enterprise Edition.

Service & Support

  • Automatic updates & maintenance

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Upgrade anytime to the Advanced or Professional Edition

Available as

Cloud The cloud is our straightforward all-in-one solution, where we take care of the hosting.

Professional Edition

The best choice for your national and international ecommerce business, connected with our extensive support service.

From €199.00* per month
Or buy once for €2,495.00Purchasing a Shopware licenceThe one-time licence price includes a Silver-Subscription for the first year. Subsequently, the term is automatically extended by an additional 12 months if not cancelled previously.*


  • Including all benefits of the Starter Edition

  • Use additional sales channels, marketplaces & social shoppingLet existing and potential customers find your products on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more. With these additional sales channels you can easily reach your target audience anytime, anywhere.

  • Grow internationally with the integration of multiple languages and currency options.

  • Multishop functionalityManage multiple stores from one central administration.

  • Cloud and rental product can be cancelled on a monthly basis

Features & Extensions

  • Easy set-up of enticing sale promotions

  • Effortless store design by drag & drop

  • Simple creation of vivid landing pages and category pages

  • Customisation options for your products

  • Extended CMS functionsDesign and customise shop pages according to your needs and wishes with CMS extensions: Show products in the quick view display. Tell a story about your products with navigation points in Shopping Experiences — Shopware’s expressive storytelling feature. And create a truly unique online store adventure for your customers.

  • Dynamic AccessSet rules and determine exactly which customer groups can or cannot see your content – such as landing pages, categories and products. For example, you can create a separate category page for VIP clients that only they get access to.

  • Automate your business operations with the Flow BuilderCustomise and automate complex business procedures with the most intuitive no-code interface. Save time and resources by implementing effective workflows. Benefit from faster reaction times, more flexibility and more control over your business operations.
    NB: Including the triggering of webhooks (data transmission to API-based third-party systems).

  • Apply analytic tools & reports

  • Premium ThemesChoose between different Shopware premium themes, customise them individually and assign new designs to your Sales Channels.

  • More than 4.000 supplementary apps & themes

Service & Support

  • Technical support directly from Shopware

  • Various support options can be booked additionally

Available as

Cloud The cloud is our straightforward all-in-one solution, where we take care of the hosting.
Self-hosted The self-hosted plan offers extensive customisation options and complete control over your chosen IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Edition

For complex business models and comprehensive ecommerce projects. Maximum scalability and highest performance including 24/7 support.

From €2,495.00* per month
Or buy once for €39,995.00Purchasing of a Shopware licenceThe one-time licence price is excluding Diamond Subscription. The Diamond Subscription starts from € 799.00 per month and has a minimum term of 36 months.*


  • Including all benefits of the Professional Edition

  • Personal Key Account Manager

  • Hosting in high-performance clusters enabled

  • Multishop and multi-client capabilities

Features & Extensions

  • Functionalities for complex B2B business modelsQuotation management, role & rights administration, sales representative feature

  • High performance search function (Elasticsearch)

  • Extended CMS functionality, including Shopware PublisherWith the Shopware Publisher you can effortlessly design, edit and publish Shopping Experiences — Shopware’s expressive storytelling feature: Create drafts without changing the live version, preview them in the storefront, and track changes and editors via the activity feed.

  • Unlimited staging environmentsBenefit from unlimited licences for staging environments — an exact replica of your live environment where you can safely perform tests or run updates.

Service & Support

  • Highest support level with a reply in less than 2 hours

  • 24/7 Emergency Support

  • Developer Support

  • Onboarding & migration support provided by Shopware

  • Consultation by a Customer Success Manager can be booked additionally

Available as

Self-hosted The self-hosted plan offers extensive customisation options and complete control over your chosen IT infrastructure.

Community Edition

With the free open source edition you can set up your own shop and operate it in a hosting environment. Please note that the Community Edition does not include manufacturer support.

Self-hosted The self-hosted plan offers extensive customisation options and complete control over your chosen IT infrastructure.

What our customers say

Your freedom to grow

Scale your business anytime

Shopware accompanies you on your journey. Get started quickly and free of charge in the cloud and use the flexible upgrade options with complete cost control. You can also purchase or rent a self-hosted edition and benefit from unlimited customisation options. For both ways we offer you a wide range of service options.

Cloud: Pick your plan

  • All-inclusive offer in the cloud
  • Freemium offer to easily get started in ecommerce
  • Additional functions and services can be added with just a few mouse clicks
  • Automatic updates and maintenance
Overview and prices

Self-hosted: Subscriptions

  • Extensive customisation options
  • Complete control over the IT infrastructure
  • Local data storage, even without internet access
  • Manufacturer support
Overview and prices

Frequently asked questions

What is your cancellation policy?
All Shopware cloud and rental products can be cancelled on a monthly basis.
Do I need previous experience in ecommerce or technical know-how to get started with Shopware?
No, with our Cloud Starter Edition you get "start smart - rise fast." Within a few clicks, an ambitious business idea becomes a profitable online store. But even with our other, more comprehensive editions you can build your professional online store effortlessly through a quick and straightforward set-up. The administration of our editions are highly intuitive, and with the help of our academy and documentation you'll be ready for your ecommerce project in no time. But if you prefer having expert knowledge by your side, you'll find the right professional in our large partner network. Why not give it a try?
Which edition is best for me and my business model?
It depends on your business model and your requirements. Where do you stand with your project? If you want to implement your new idea quickly and see how it develops, then the Cloud Starter Edition is the right choice for you. But if you already have specific ideas and a long-term business plan, and now you're looking for the right solution to grow your online-business, our Professional Edition is perfect for you. For complex projects with high demands and specific requirements we recommend our Enterprise Edition, offering you individual and the most comprehensive support. If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us!
How long will it take for my online business to go live?
In theory, you can go live today - that would be one answer. In reality, however, the duration depends on the size of your project. How many products do you sell, are there any variants, do you sell globally etc.? Talk to us and let one of our expert team members advise and assist you. That's what we're here for! An example of a smooth implementation within a few days can be found here.
Cloud or self-hosted? What is right for me?
Here are some advantages of the cloud edition:
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Extended functions and service offers can be added easily to customise your store
  • Automatic updates and maintenance
  • Simple selection of plans for your success in ecommerce
What benefits does the self-hosted version offer?
  • Extensive customisation options
  • Custom programming possible
  • Full control over your chosen IT infrastructure
  • Local storage of data, even without internet access
  • Large ecosystem to support your growth path
  • Countless options to scale your business
What costs can I expect?
You can actually get Shopware for free! For example: If you're the founder of a startup and would like to set up your online business quickly and see how things develop, then you don't have to pay anything for the time being. The Cloud Starter Edition only costs you a small 3% share of sales if you actually make sales. There is no basic fee to pay. But if you come to us with a more complex project and already have a businessplan in place, it makes sense to buy the Professional Edition for the price of €2,495. Although you can rent the Professional Edition for €199 per month, the purchase is paid off after just 12 months of being in business. Check out our plans here for a comprehensive overview. Please note that there may also be additional costs for hosting, partners or app purchases.
I am currently using a different ecommerce solution. How can I migrate?
No problem - we'll bring you over! Our support team as well as specialised partner agencies will help you migrating your business so that you can keep all your customer data, orders, products, etc. Further information
How can existing system landscapes (e.g. merchandise management system, payment, shipping, etc.) be connected?
Whether marketplace, accounting software, or your own ERP system: Thanks to numerous interfaces, existing system landscapes or in-house developments can be effortlessly integrated into your Shopware store. Here's an overview.
How do I find the right specialist for my ecommerce project?
With over 1,200 certified Shopware agencies that specialise in a wide variety of services, you can be confident you’ll get the right support you need to build your online store. Find the right partner for your project here.
How can I upgrade my Shopware store? Is it possible to switch from one edition to another?
Expanding and customising your ecommerce business is easy: With over 4000 extensions to choose from, you'll find the right solution for all your requirements in the Shopware Store. Changing Shopware editions is also easy: With our cloud plans, you can switch flexibly between the plans. An upgrade to a commercial licence (Professional Edition/Enterprise Edition) is possible at any time and without any complications in the existing installation. The software subscription is also available directly after purchase.
Do I get technical support?
With our paid editions, you'll get support directly from Shopware with a guaranteed response time. The response time depends on the respective support level you've chosen (Software Subscription). Although we can't offer the same service with our free edition, you'll still get plenty of help and useful tips from the community by creating a post in the community forum.
What exactly is a software subscription?
An active software subscription is the prerequisite for your self-hosted online store to get updates and technical support from shopware AG. The subscription is automatically renewed if not cancelled before the end of the booked term. An overview of the different subscriptions and costs can be found here in Software Subscription.
Can I get any assistance in addition to the official Shopware support?
Of course you can! Because as an open commerce platform, we involve our innovative community of store operators, developers and partner agencies on a daily basis:
  • Chat with over 3,500 users on our Slack channel
  • On the Stack Overflow platform you'll find support, suggestions and answers
  • Get valuable insights and know-how from free training videos in the comfort of your own home
  • We regularly organise free workshops for developers
  • Our Boost Days take place several times a year to grow and learn together
To expand your knowledge even further, you can visit our documentation, the community forum, and the academy.
* All prices are quoted net of the statutory value-added tax. Depending on the variant selected, additional sales commissions may be incurred.
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