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Optimize processes by automating routine manual jobs. Instead, focus on the tasks that really help your business get ahead.


Free up resources that are needed elsewhere. Boost the efficiency of your business and slash your error rate.


Reduced costs by making more efficient use of resources and lowering your error rate free up resources that can be used to generate new sales.

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How to: Automation in ecommerce

We give you all the information you need to successfully automate your ecommerce business.

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Maximize your potential

  • Time for what matters
  • Reduce risks
  • Strengthen your team
Time for what matters

Time for what matters

Automation tools help you release new products, generate invoices, interact with suppliers, and much more – the possibilities are endless. The more activities you can automate, the more resources you and your team will have at your disposal to focus on high-impact initiatives that drive your business forward.

Reduce risks

Reduce risks

Costs are rising in all areas of ecommerce. In a volatile market, it’s not always easy to decide how and where to invest in growth without taking too much of a risk. Automation is the solution if you want to achieve more with fewer resources.

Strengthen your team

Strengthen your team

Satisfaction hinges on a whole range of factors, and automated processes give your team more time to devote to strategic and creative tasks. This benefits not only the business, but also your employees’ self-esteem.

Discover endless automization opportunities





Cross-selling and up-selling

Cross-selling and up-selling

Automate your ecommerce business with Shopware

Less work, greater productivity – elevate your ecommerce game with Shopware. Our powerful features and automation processes are helping make manual tasks a thing of the past. Shopware makes it easy to turn complex business models into reality.

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Flow Builder

Establish highly customized business processes and automate them so that they react to a range of triggers. Simplify even the most complex workflows and achieve more in less time.

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Rule Builder

Your central control unit in the Shopware admin. Implement a wide range of business processes quickly and simply, and create a tailored customer journey with just a few clicks. Specify, for example, which shipping costs, prices, and payment methods should be shown when.

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Dynamic Access

VIP or wholesale partner: You decide exactly which customer groups are shown which offers, products, or prices, enhancing the customer journey.


Boost your sales by letting your customers automate deliveries of their favorite product. Assured revenue for you, less stress for your customers.

Returns management


In many sectors, returns make up a major part of the workload. Offer your customers a self-service portal where they can intuitively manage their returns in their own customer account.

Benefit from our ecosystem

Looking for a suitable implementation partner? We can offer you a global network of partners to support your project plans.

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Transparency thanks to the Shopware Roadmap

You can check out our Product Roadmap at any time. It shows which automation features we are currently working on, what you can look forward to soon, and which projects we will be tackling next.

Check out the Roadmap here

More possibilities thanks to API-first

Our API-first approach makes it much easier for you to link third-party features, systems, and shopping channels to Shopware. This allows you to realize fully automated processes that communicate with one another, from inventory to aftersales. You will find plenty of tools and extensions in our store to make your vision come true.

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Automation as a success factor

Join the ranks of top-performing businesses like BIOMARIS. Our customers have consistently proven that automation is the key to unlocking greater success, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and respond to market trends and changing customer needs with speed and agility.


BIOMARIS is a market leader in the German thalasso cosmetics business. The switch to Shopware enabled them to automate various processes, freeing up time and resources for customer service and marketing campaigns.

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