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With Headless Commerce, there are no limits to your imagination

The decoupling of frontend and backend doesn’t just warrant maximum flexibility for you and your business. The real impact comes from empowering you to create the most captivating customer experiences – across all digital touch points. Want to discover the possibilities with Shopware 6 as your Headless Commerce solution?

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Heading for the future with Headless Commerce

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What exactly is Headless Commerce?

Headless Commerce is based on separating backend and frontend. Although the frontend functions separately, all necessary linkages to the system remain intakt, via API alone. This means your bundled backend processes continue to run smoothly when you make changes to the frontend.

The Headless Commerce architecture therefore offers you the most flexible and agile solution for all operations relevant to your online business. You can therefore integrate and test new connections, interfaces and touchpoints more quickly than ever before – with no disruptive effects to your core business. Use this to be able to continue to act in an innovation-driven manner in the face of fast-moving ecommerce, to become involved in current and future business models, and to ensure your business success in the long term.

Backend API-Frontend

Bring innovative customer experience to life. Simply and quickly. Now and in the future

Break the boundaries of traditional ecommerce: in a world in which you can encourage your customers to shop via a wide variety of devices and channels – from mobile apps, chatbots, social media, voice assistants to cars and other articles of daily use that are linked to the “Internet of Things” (IoT), to virtual and augmented reality and every new technology that we will encounter in the future.

Make every experience you can imagine into a reality. Use the flexibility and power of innovation of the headless approach to inspire your customers and create an unbelievable shopping experience.

Open Source and Headless Commerce

Two philosophies, one goal: fulfilling your visions

Pooled knowledge enables the right solutions to be developed more quickly and ensures stability and reliability. This is what open commerce is based on. In combination with a headless platform that is as open as its code, it is easy to combine and integrate the results of a variety of experts. You can achieve your visions in this way – with no limitations, and no lock-ins or unnecessary loss of time. This speeds up your power of innovation and your potential for growth is endless. The future belongs to you!

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Headless Commerce for your business - these are the advantages

Maximum flexibility and innovation

Maximum flexibility and innovation

Build your API-first headless infrastructure without being tied to any provider. You can integrate components as and when you need them, and consequently respond to market trends with flexibility and speed.

Maximum performance und scalability

Maximum performance und scalability

A Headless Commerce solution offers you the possibility to separate frontend and backend from each other. By breaking this link, you can scale frontend and backend individually and reduce performance losses.

Professional content management

Professional content management

Take your customer experience to the next level by implementing a headless CMS with an API-first infrastructure. Benefit immediately from personalising your content and product pages, or by running sales campaigns without having to make any changes to your admin backend.

Seamless omnichannel commerce

Seamless omnichannel commerce

Greatly enhance your brand awareness with seamless shopping experiences! The integration of different sales channels allows you to reach your clients across all touch points of their customer journey.

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Best of Breed with Shopware 6

Headless Commerce at any time, any place and on any device imaginable. We developed Shopware 6 precisely for this requirement. Therefore, the technological basis for Shopware 6 is consistently API-first.

Our headless core is ready for the implementation of future-orientated customer experiences: from lively storytelling features, seamless social shopping integration and virtual showrooms to innovative filter functions and sophisticated product configurations. Draw from this repertoire and inspire your customers.

We thereby ensure you maximum flexibility without being tied to any provider. Our open commerce philosophy enables you to further develop your system landscape without restrictions and with leading technologies from our community.

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