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Our philosophy, your opportunity

Shopware is an open, headless commerce platform powered by Symfony and Vue.js that is used by thousands of shops and supported by a huge worldwide community of developers, agencies and merchants.

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Why Open Source? Open source is the most honest, transparent, and secure way to develop software.

Together with our global community we’re creating the heart and soul of our ecommerce software.

This combined effort offers you maximum security, reliability, flexibility, and full control over your ecommerce business with Shopware.

Technologies we rely on


Feature Overview

Content management & Design

  • Visual page builder
  • Media manager
  • Default theme

Workflow & Automation

  • Roles and permissions
  • Rule Builder
  • Flow Builder


  • Community Support via Slack and Stackoverflow

Customer experience & Marketing

  • Customer groups
  • Promotions
  • Net-/gross price display
  • Rule-based & scaled pricing
  • SEO
  • Basic search
  • Filter and sorting options
  • Cross-selling
  • Product reviews
  • Tag management

Inventory & Order management

  • Physical products
  • Digital products
  • Product variants
  • Dynamic product groups
  • Properties
  • Manufacturers
  • Category management
  • Order management
  • Admin orders
  • Customer management
  • Payment method integration
  • Shipping provider integration


  • Sales channels
  • Multi-language
  • Currency and tax management


  • App Store / Extensibility
  • Custom fields
  • Custom entities
  • Admin SDK


  • Import / Export
  • Migration
Want to take your business further?

The Community Edition is the foundation upon which all Shopware plans stand on. If you want to scale up and grow faster with an advanced feature set and expert support by your side, explore our plans for your business now.

Create your own ecosystem

Do it your way. Create your own ecosystem

You’ll already find thousands of interfaces for various areas such as payment, shipping, and ERP available in the Shopware Store. However, thanks to our API-first approach, you can also connect other systems quickly and easily. This enables the seamless integration of your unique system environment into your online store.

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Be part of something bigger

Our open source platform is based on ideas and contributions from the vibrant Shopware community. Every day, this worldwide network of enthusiasts enkindles inspiring new ideas to help you build exceptional ecommerce experiences for your customers.

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Open Source - Shopware Community
Shopware Community Edition

Contribute to Shopware

Developers around the world work on Shopware's source code. They make code and other contributions available to the Shopware community. Do you want to get involved and help shape the future of Shopware? We’d love you to be part of it!

Inspire with content

Every day, community members create and share new content with each other – via the GitHub platform, on blogs, Stack Overflow, or on social media. Your ideas, your know-how, and your genius matter! Join and share your knowledge with others.

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Inspire with content

Network with the community

Meetups and events are the backbone of the Shopware community. Mingle with other Shopware enthusiasts, share your knowledge, and talk to experts. The focus is on personal contact with like-minded industry leaders to exchange knowledge and experience.

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Connect and engage

Our software is made by visionaries for visionaries, and it's infused with genuine passion and deep care. It's the people behind Shopware that make it so special. Whether online or in the physical world – it's the connections and friendships, the combined knowledge and shared experiences that make Shopware more than just a software.

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Learn from the best

Shared knowledge fosters a dynamic, highly engaged, and ever expanding community. Stack Overflow is our central hub for continuous swarm knowledge. This is further complemented by the Shopware documentation and training, as well as the countless blog posts, meetups, and other content created by the community.

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Make the world your oyster

We’ve got your back on a global scale so that your online store can easily adapt to local conditions and languages. Shopware is already used in over 100 countries, and so far our community members have translated the software into over 20 languages. With Shopware, your business is well prepared for the international market.

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Develop with us

The Community Edition is at the heart of each and every Shopware installation. Our paid plans as well as our cloud-based solutions are built upon the Community Edition. As a result, software development is the most important task for us at Shopware. And being open source, you too can get involved.

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Thank you!

The engagement and the support of the Shopware community is simply outstanding. Brilliant ideas, content, and code are created daily to evolve our open source platform further. The success of Shopware is largely based on the work of many hardworking and incredibly talented members of the community. Words cannot express our gratitude. We cannot thank you enough.

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