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As a B2B merchant, you understand the importance of streamlining your business operations and delivering exceptional service to your customers. That's why Shopware offers a powerful ecommerce solution that's specifically designed to help B2B companies achieve their business goals. With our advanced API-first technology and powerful features, you have everything you need to create a B2B platform tailored to your individual requirements.

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B2B Trend Report

Want to stay ahead of the game in B2B commerce? We've got you covered. Our free report will show you how to stay competitive and keep up with the latest trends.

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Discover Shopware’s winning categories in the Paradigm B2B Combine Analyst Report (mid-market edition) and find out how we compare to other ecommerce solutions.

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B2B Paradigm Report 2023 Whitepaper

  • Complex sales processes
  • Integrating third-party systems
  • Individual catalogs and pricing
Complex sales processes

Complex sales processes

B2B merchants encounter complex sales processes where sales channels, products, discounts, shipping costs, and payment terms may vary. This can pose challenges in integrating systems and managing product data.

Integrating third-party systems

Integrating third-party systems

To support their business processes, B2B merchants rely on a variety of technologies. However, integrating and implementing these can be difficult as it often requires specialized technical expertise.

Individual catalogs and pricing

Individual catalogs and pricing

Pricing in B2B commerce can be complex, with various discount structures, volume discounts, and individual price negotiations. Successful price management and a clear pricing strategy are essential.

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Why B2B professionalization with Shopware pays off

Shopware's extensive and customizable B2B features empower you to accelerate and optimize your company's digital transformation while prioritizing your unique business needs. This includes streamlining and automating processes as well as seamlessly integrating with your existing system landscape.

Rights- and role managementRights- and role management
Request for cost estimatesRequest for cost estimates
Customized product catalogueCustomized product catalogue
Digital sales roomsDigital sales rooms
Customer-specific pricingCustomer-specific pricing
Support for multilingualism and international standardsSupport for multilingualism and international standards
Automated workflowsAutomated workflows
Seamless integration of your existing ERP, CRM, PIM or BI etc.Seamless integration of your existing ERP, CRM, PIM or BI etc.
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Maximize your B2B success with the right tools

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, the right tools can make all the difference in achieving success. At Shopware, we understand the complex business operations that exist in today's marketplace and have developed a suite of powerful tools to help you improve your processes and reinforce strong customer relationships.

B2B Suite

The Shopware B2B Suite has been diligently developed to automate and facilitate the complex business operations that are prevalent in today’s B2B sector. It is the administrative backbone of your business, designed in close cooperation with our expert partner network and experienced customers. The powerful B2B framework enables smooth business interactions.

  • Allocate roles, permissions, limits, and budgets to their employees
  • Effortlessly place orders via file upload
  • View, approve, or decline pending orders made by employees
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Business Model Visualization

Digital Sales Rooms

Digital Sales Rooms is the state-of-the-art new feature that seamlessly integrates into your Shopware system landscape and cooperates with your existing ecommerce infrastructure. Arrange personalized live product consultations for your customers right within your Shopware store. Digitize your sales pitches and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Accelerated sales success and streamlined sales processes
  • Lowered travel expenses and wider coverage per field sales representative
  • Tailored product catalogs, replacing outdated print materials
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Digital Sales Rooms Presentation


Managing product inventory across multiple locations can be challenging. With the Multi-inventory functionality, Shopware ensures that customers can purchase products regardless of their location, as long as they are available in one of your inventory locations.

Flow Builder

Establish highly customized business processes and automate them so that they react to a range of triggers. Simplify even the most complex workflows and achieve more in less time.

Learn more about the Flow Builder
Flow Builder

Rule Builder

Your central control unit in the Shopware admin. Implement a wide range of business processes quickly and simply, and create a tailored customer journey with just a few clicks. Specify, for example, which shipping costs, prices, and payment methods should be shown when.

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Rule Builder


Boost your sales by letting your customers automate deliveries of their favorite products. Assured revenue for you, less stress for your customers.

Returns management


In many sectors, returns make up a major part of the workload. Offer your customers a self-service portal where they can intuitively manage their returns in their own customer accounts.

The power of the Shopware tech stack

Make full use of Shopware: Our API-first strategy simplifies the process of integrating third-party functionalities, systems, and shopping channels. This way, you can streamline your operations, from inventory management to aftersales, and achieve fully automated workflows. Achieve higher productivity and thus better profitability in the long run by successfully implementing an individually tailored best-of-breed strategy.

The power of the Shopware tech stack

B2B and D2C in one place

Are you looking to streamline your sales channels? With Shopware, you can easily integrate both B2B and D2C commerce onto a single platform. By unifying your sales channels, you not only stand out from your competitors, but you can also unlock your full potential. With a centralized system, you can manage orders, inventory, and customer data more efficiently, saving you time and resources. Learn how Stabilo implemented its D2C business with Shopware in our case study.

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Stabilo Case Study
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